Subscribe-HR is an Environmentally Friendly Organisation that is mindful of how we can contribute to a Greener, more Sustainable Planet. We take our Corporate Responsibility seriously.

The Founders actively promote ways in which individuals and business alike can positively contribute to the environment. We at Subscribe-HR are very conscious of our carbon footprint and off-set our emissions both personally and from a business perspective.

Visit to learn more about how you can actively take part in saving the planet.

Some examples of how we help with reducing emissions:

  • Purchase Credits to off-set Company Car Emissions
  • Purchase Credits to off-set general CO2 Emissions
  • Eliminate and Organisations paper based processes by utlise Cutting-Edge Workflow Automation
  • Eliminate paper based billing by utilising on-line billing system
  • Deliver Software-as-a-service applications that are not needy of an organsations infrastructure and electricity
  • Implement HR software applications that that can be installed and implemented over the internet, eliminating the need for travel (on-site visits)
  • Greatly reduced Energy Usage through utilising outsource data facilities. Reduce office space through reduction in on-premise infrastructure
  • Paper Recycling
  • Promoting flexible working to allow employees to use alternate transportation and also car pooling