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On-Boarding and Self-Service ROI: Manual Versus Automated

Posted by Mathew French

3 February 2015

There are many items on the checklist of an HR Professional when welcoming a new starter to your organisation. The way new employees are treated during their On-Boarding also sets the tone for their entire lifecycle, so making the process as smooth and simple as possible really makes a difference.

Ensuring that you have all the necessary paperwork in place when carrying out this procedure manually can be a challenge that leaves you open to mistakes with important documentation being missed.

Adopting the latest HR software with automated On-Boarding and Self-Service functionality makes this entire part of the lifecycle seamless for both HR Professionals and employees. Not only does it save all parties involved a considerable amount of time, it will also ensure that all the necessary information is captured and accounted for. Self-Service accessibility also empowers employees to be able to take control of their own personal information. 

The second infographic in this series illustrates the potential time and cost savings available when using automated Human Resource Management Software.


Subscribe-HR On-Boarding and Self-Service ROI: Manual Versus Automated


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