Equifax And Subscribe-HR

HR Software and Employee Screening Services Software Working Together

Subscribe-HR has a Turnkey integration with Equifax Background Checks

Share information automatically between Equifax and Subscribe-HR to achieve high level compliance and integrity

Equifax employee verification check integration HR Software

HR Blockchain Integration. Equifax ensures you can be assured of picking the best candidates while meeting ALL your compliance and business needs by delivering the most accurate and complete account of a person’s background so you can protect and grow your business. Checks include: Police Checks, ASIC Checks, Qualifications Checks, Working with Children Checks, Ticket Checks,Certificate and Licence Checks. Equifax's service is:

  • Backed by the pioneering global power of data and insights of Equifax, supported by local care and capability

  • Connected by market leading partnerships worldwide

  • Driven by mobile and user friendly, fraud prevention technology

  • Relentless in our follow up processes and trustworthy approach

Create a custom SaaS ecosystem where all your business solutions communicate seamlessly

HR Software and Background Checking software together: HR Blockchain

Subscribe-HR intelligent features

Subscribe-HR flexible features

Subscribe-HR affordable features

Your IT ecosystem is customised and optimised

Your bottom line improves

Your people are happier

  • HR Blockchain Integration embedded in HR

  • Compliance and Risk Management Automation

  • Seamless Data Sharing for Convenience
  • Integrations increase efficiency by improving data accuracy and compliance

  • Save time and money by reducing double handling

  • Administration Reduction
  • Liberate your employees from manual processes and improve morale

  • Break down silos by enabling cross-functional reporting and data sharing

  • Professional HR Service to Applicant and Employees


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