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2.  Save time and money: Want to reduce your Onboarding admin costs by 25-50%?

Explore the three videos below and discover how you can reduce your Onboarding admin.

3. Get Onboarding right: How you do onboarding is critical for employee retention

The Infographic outlines how much time and money our FREE Onboarding solution can save your business. Simply click on it to open it up to full size.

Subscribe-HR OnBoarding ROI Infographic

4. Implementation shouldn't be hard: Try our Onboarding Solution (FREE forever) and we'll show you how easy it can be


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5. We're Australia's leading business systems integrator: With more integrations than any other HR software provider

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6. The most configurable Cloud HR platform on the planet: You can bend our software to your will - seriously!

Subscribe-HR founded in 2009! That's a whole decade of supporting Australian HR Professionals and the organisations they serve. Click on the image on the right to see a timeline of how we got here.

7. Try before you buy: Ready to explore our Cloud HR software? Here's how to do so from the comfort of your own desk

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8. Subscribe-HR's elastic pricing: we bend and stretch ourselves to meet your needs, because it’s all about you!


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9. Your personalised tour: ready for a one-to-one discovery session, tailored to meet your needs?


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10. Build your business case: Free resources to help you make sure you choose the right HR software AND provider, and get budget approval

Subscribe-HR White Paper Storytelling For HR
Subscribe-HR Checklist HR Tech Change Management
Subscribe-HR White Paper Must Have Cloud HR Features and Benefits
Subscribe-HR White Paper HR Technology Business Case

11. Scoping for your success: How to ensure seamless implementation and rapid ROI

Subscribe-HR Needs Analysis e-Recruitment
Subscribe-HR Needs Analysis Core-HR
Subscribe-HR Needs Analysis Performance Management
Subscribe-HR Needs Analysis Self-Service

12. You’re invited to join us: Subscribe-HR has an expanding circle of customers and we’d love to have you as part of it


Subscribe-HR customer Shoalhaven City Council

Subscribe-HR customer Luv-A-Duck

Subscribe-HR customer Anglicare NT

Subscribe-HR Customer Schools Ministry Group


Subscribe-HR customer Creative Activation

Lonely Planet



Subscribe-HR Customer Wattle Range Council


13. Got FAQs: all your questions answered

If you've got FAQs, we've got answers. Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most often. If you've got a question that isn't answered here, please let us know...

  • Ask us about our top 5 questions regarding our Master Agreement

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