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Product Highlight - Build your Digital HR forms easily using our MAGICAL SHaRe tool


HR and Operations teams love how easily you can transform your paper forms into digital ones in Subscribe-HR

FAST SET-UP - Surveys, Employee Onboarding Forms, Employee Forms, Change Request Forms: Send them using our Wizard

Step one

Provide us with your paper forms so that we can convert them into digital forms in your Subscribe-HR System.

Step two

We will set-up your digital forms in Subscribe-HR so that you can view them. We link them to workflows so that you can share them with your people automatically.

Step three

Data is captured so you can report on and audit the information easily within Subscribe-HR's SHaRe and Reporting tools.

Step four

We help you solve the puzzle of how to transition from manual to digital HR quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Subscribe-HR Digital Transformation Forms
Subscribe-HR Digital Transformation Covert
Subscribe-HR Digital Transformation Data Capture
Subscribe-HR Digital Transformation Made Easy

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Our open API means you can integrate all your business solutions to create a seamless SaaS ecosystem

Integration with Payroll, Finance, ERP, Jobs Boards, Active Directory, eLearning, Social Media and More

Subscribe-HR is an Award Winning HR software provider for organisations that want to integrate multiple business solutions into a seamless, cohesive ecosystem. We provide our customers with the most comprehensive integrations capabilities in the market. Many of our customers asked other HR software providers to integrate other business systems with their HR software and were told no.
At Subscribe-HR, we're proud that we can say yes to the integrations that other HR providers refuse to touch.
Some of Subscribe-HR integration's include:

Subscribe-HR Integration Oracle Netsuite
Subscribe-HR Integration ADP Payroll
Subscribe-HR Integration Reckon Payroll
Subscribe-HR Integration WorkPro Employee verification
Subscribe-HR Integration Infinet Cloud Payroll
Subscribe-HR Integration Xero Payroll
Subscribe-HR Integrations Microsoft Dynamics Nav ERP
Subscribe-HR Integration Centrify Single Sign-On
Subscribe-HR Integration MYOB Payroll
Subscribe-HR Integration Sage Micropay
Subscribe-HR Integration Indeed Jobs Board
Subscribe-HR Integration JobSeeker Jobs Board
Subscribe-HR Integration Adzuna Job Board
Subscribe-HR Integration Deputy Payroll
Subscribe-HR Integrations Seek Jobs Board
Subscribe-HR Integration Go1
Subscribe-HR Integration OrgChart
Subscribe-HR Integration Facebook
Subscribe-HR Integration Twitter
Subscribe-HR Integration CloudPayroll

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