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Company ethos and universal values

Subscribe-HR is a company that is built and run on a sustainable business model. This applies to the very software upon which our business is built, as well as to the way in which we conduct ourselves as an organisation.

It is important for our prospects and customers to be familiar with what we stand for as an organisation committed to responsible business practices. All that we do is underpinned by values that relate directly to our reason for being and how that transfers through to our product, service, customer interactions and interactions with our colleagues. We call this the Universal Values Program. These values are what make us tick. Integrity is extremely important to us.


Subscribe-HR Universal Values Freedom

Freedom - Expression of self and of ideas. We encourage our Employees and our Customers to communicate openly and honestly. This promotes a happy and creative environment. Most of our innovation is driven by our customer requests and our employees. We offer our staff freedom days, freedom to relax and recuperate. Freedom closely relates to creativity. Helping HR and Employees by problem solving.

Subscribe-HR Universal Values Environment

Sustainability and Environment – We understand how important it is to operate our business in a sustainable manner. That doesn’t just mean in the context of the planet and our environment. That also means that our business model is sustainable and we are able to service our clients in the way they deserve to be servedPersonalised service is important to us, and we strive to put this at the heart of everything we do. Subscribe-HR is an environmentally friendly organisation that is mindful of how we can contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet. We take our corporate responsibility seriously.

Subscribe-HR Universal Values Compassion

Compassion - Understand how people feel. It's not always about the next dollar, it's about trying to make a difference. Sometimes big, and sometimes small. This could mean donating to charity, helping to clean up the environment, or understanding the needs of our customers, which are not always commercially driven.

Subscribe-HR Universal Values Helping

Helping - This ties directly into compassion. How do we make a difference to our Customers, our peers and the community.

Subscribe-HR Universal Values Honesty

Honesty - Without honesty there is no comfort. Things should flow smoothly, and without integrity this is not possible. Truth is always the best policy. It builds trust. If it can't be done, we believe it's important to be honest about it.

Subscribe-HR Universal Values Respect

Respect - Different points of view. Different Needs. Different Opinions. Without judgement. We listen and do our best to understand.

Without action, there are no results. Helping people manage people is a very important role. It makes a big difference in the lives of all employees. Try and share the love.

Subscribe-HR's founders actively promote ways in which individuals and businesses alike can positively contribute to the environment. At Subscribe-HR we are very conscious of our carbon footprint and off-set our emissions both personally and from a business perspective.

Visit http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au to learn more about how you can actively take part in saving the planet.

Some examples of how we help with reducing emissions:

  • Deliver Software-as-a-Service applications that are not needy of an organsation’s infrastructure and electricity.

  • Implement HR software applications that that can be installed and implemented over the Internet, eliminating the need for travel (on-site visits).

  • Purchase credits to off-set company car emissions.

  • Purchase credits to off-set general CO2 emissions.

  • Eliminate and the paper based processes for all users of our solutions by utilising cutting-edge workflow automation.

  • Eliminate paper based billing by utilising an on-line billing system.

  • Greatly reduced energy usage through utilising outsourced data facilities.

  • Reduce office space through reduction in on-premise infrastructure.

  • Paper recycling.

  • Promote flexible working to allow employees to use alternate transportation and also car-pooling.

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