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Integration HR Software

Create Integrations with Anything

Use the Integration solution to create Subscribe-HR integration to any RESTful API. Our pre-built ECOSYSTEM is ready for your to plug and play. Or, set-up custom integrations with half the cost and time to entry. Simply connect your forms to external end points. See our range of existing integrations by CLICKING HERE.

Integration HR Software

Flexible and Cost Effective Configuration

Create and describe your integration using flexible JSON format. Define all mappings, operations and data points in a single place. Update mappings on demand as integrations change or grow. The only Codeless, purpose build HR Platform in the world.

Integration HR Software

Keep track of Data in Real-Time

Analyse data that is being synced in real time. Find errors and remap your data on the fly. Send notification when things go wrong to your technical or HR teams.

Integration HR Software

On your Schedule

Synchronise data on your schedule. Set repeated actions. Schedule different processes to run at different times.

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