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Why Core HR Systems Are the Secret to HR Productivity

Posted by Mathew French on 28 November 2023

Today’s HR focus is on enhancing efficiency, streamlining processes, and boosting overall productivity – it’s what is driving change at an astounding rate all around the world. 

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Topics: Core-HR, HR Productivity

How to Implement HR Automation: The Full Guide

Posted by Mathew French on 21 November 2023

Even with all the productivity-aiding technologies available to us today, HR managers still lose 14 hours per week on tasks that could be automated. 

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10 Clever Real-World Examples of HR Automation

Posted by Mathew French on 14 November 2023

The numbers don’t lie: HR managers waste 14 hours per week on average performing tasks that could quite easily be automated – and approximately 73% of HR’s time is taken up by repetitive, dull administrative tasks. 🧑‍💼

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Topics: HR automation, Automation

Every Important Question To Include in Employee Engagement Surveys

Posted by Mathew French on 7 November 2023

Today’s worker is highly disengaged at work. In fact, 85% of the global workforce is not engaged in their workplace. Yet, employees who feel engaged with their work have 87% less chance of leaving their current position. 

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Topics: Survey, Employee Engagement

Dealing With Unrealistic Pay Expectations: a Guide

Posted by Mathew French on 31 October 2023

In an era where financial pressures tighten their grip on the global economy, employees' expectations in terms of salary are growing

But this discrepancy between employees’ expectations and your organisation’s realistic financial capacity can create frustrations and even conflicts if left unresolved. 💣

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Topics: Pay Rates

The 10 Most Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Posted by Mathew French on 24 October 2023

In the last few years, a significant transformation has swept through workplaces worldwide, prompting millions of employees across various sectors to seek alternative career paths.

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Topics: HR Strategy, Employee Retention

The Power of eNPS Surveys: Effortlessly Measure Employee Satisfaction

Posted by Mathew French on 17 October 2023

In the not-so-distant past, a company's reputation and success were primarily measured by one key factor: customer satisfaction. For nearly two decades, businesses have relied on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge how well their products and services resonated with customers. 

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Topics: Employee Satisfaction, eNPS

Everything You Need to Know About Crossboarding in HR

Posted by Mathew French on 10 October 2023

As HR professionals we all constantly strive to improve the experience of welcoming new employees into the company. ✔️ But what about crossboarding? Yep, current employees who shift onto new roles need to be onboarded too! 

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