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The Not For Profit People Conference

Posted by Mathew French on 6 November 2018

Every year, EthicalJobs hosts the Not For Profit People Conference in its home town of Melbourne; the biggest event of its kind in Australia. The conference provides an opportunity for NFPs, social enterprise and local councils to explore best practice in attracting, managing, training and retaining people in these sectors. The EthicalJobs platform was created almost ten years ago to promote businesses and jobs that contribute to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world. With the rise of public awareness about the ethics (or lack thereof) in certain market segments, a shift to more purpose and values driven economic choices is underway. Every year, more businesses are transitioning to (or being started with) the mission of creating a more equitable, just and sustainable future. We've witnessed an increase in these types of businesses here at Subscribe-HR. In fact, an increasing proportion of our customers operate in the NFP, social enterprise or local council segments, and we recognise the importance of supporting these businesses. That's why we've signed on to support the Not For Profit People Conference this year.

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Best Practices For Implementing Identity and Access Management

Posted by Mathew French on 16 October 2018

With the mass adoption of cloud-based solutions, systems and apps, businesses need an easy, effective and secure way to provide access to the increasing number of tools being used by employees. Not only that, from a user experience (UX) perspective, making it easier for employees to manage access to workplace systems by reducing the number of user names and passwords, is a smart business decision. According to our Identity-As-A-Service partner OneLogin, the first and most critical step to achieve this, is to enable employees to access their business solutions, systems and Apps using only one username and password. Single Sign-On solutions enable you to layer multiple types of authentication factors for enhanced security, with the added convenience of only having to sign in once. Let's take a look at some best practices for Identity and Access Management (IAM).

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Unlimited Annual Leave - Will It Work For Your Business?

Posted by Mathew French on 18 September 2018

A trend emerging inside the workplace, but outside of current HR best practice, is unlimited annual leave. The Guardian recently reported that communications group STW is offering its consultants unlimited paid annual leave, stirring interest in the business community, although it’s not the first company to do so. Consulting firm CEB Global estimates that about 9% of companies around the world offer similar arrangements. Netflix does it and so does LinkedIn. And Virgin Management, the parent company of Virgin’s worldwide operations, has offered its top layer of management in the US and the UK extended paid leave since 2014. So how does an unlimited annual leave policy look in practice?

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5 Key Risk Areas for HR Managers and How To Mitigate Them (2018 Edition)

Posted by Mathew French on 21 August 2018

One of our most popular ever blog posts dates way back to 2013, and we've decided it is time to provide an update because the world of work is constantly evolving. In the world of work and HR best practice, a lot has changed in the last five years. The key risk areas for HR change through time, and the risk areas we identified almost 5 years ago are a little different to those HR Professionals face today. Whilst it is true that there are certain risks that remain a constant in HR operations, it is also fair to say that the changing nature of work introduces new risks all the time. The current pace of change makes it hard for HR to keep up. Outlined below are the 5 key risk areas we believe HR needs to pay attention to right now.

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Can Technology Transform HR From Cost Centre To Profit Centre?

Posted by Mathew French on 26 June 2018

Our last post about the Digital Transformation of HR made it clear that no organisation, business, government or NGO, will be able to realise a successful digital HR transformation without putting people first and having those people onboard and committed to the process. Many of you know from experience that when things change too fast, or the change management process doesn't take into account the individuals impacted by change, (as well as their concerns), this can be a recipe for failure. From a broader perspective, a poorly executed change management process can potentially result in organisation-wide resistance, which is a disastrous outcome for the business. As the way we work makes it more possible for the HR department to make the transition from an overhead towards being a revenue generator, and as HR best practice continues to transform, we pose the question: 'Can technology transform HR from cost centre to profit centre'?

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The Digital Transformation Of HR

Posted by Mathew French on 12 June 2018

Digital transformation isn't just ubiquitous, it is ultimately unavoidable and quickly being absorbed into HR best practice. Twenty years from now, few aspects of the world of work will have escaped the digital revolution. But what exactly does it mean for HR, and how can such transformation be successfully implemented, both within the HR department and organisation wide? What we're really talking about here is a change management process. A process which HR Professionals and business leaders are often being called on to execute in a new and constantly shifting context. Not since the third Industrial Revolution has there been such a significant change in the way we work, meaning that lived experience of this type of quantum leap in workplace practices simply don't exist in boardrooms and leadership teams. That's why resources such as i-Scoop's 'Online Guide To Digital Business Transformation' are so valuable. The guide offers a highly educational deep dive into what digital transformation is, what it requires of businesses, and how to implement such transformation successfully. 

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Storytelling And Onboarding: The Recipe For A Happy Marriage

Posted by Mathew French on 31 May 2018

If you've heard any of the news about the Financial Services Royal Commission, it is pretty clear that these businesses don't do a very good job of conveying and embedding mission-critical concepts (like ethical behaviour) into their organisation. Communicating the values of your business, and illustrating the culture of your organisation to both potential and actual employees is one thing. Ensuring that those values aren't just paid lip service, but become lived experiences at ALL levels within your organisation, is definitely business-critical in today's marketplace. If the interrogations and admissions of the Royal Commission are anything to go by, it is clear that there is such a wide gap between words and actions in business that something needs to be done. But what? Our last couple of Blog posts have focused on the importance of getting Onboarding right, and the untapped benefits of storytelling for HR. In this Blog, we will explore how you can use the power of story as part of your Onboarding process to set the right tone for the expectations your business has about 'how we do things around here.'

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HR and The Art of Storytelling

Posted by Mathew French on 22 May 2018

Despite decades of work with clients large and small, Murray Nossel, founder of Narativ, understands through experience that there might always be skepticism in the corporate world about anything that seems 'touchy-feely.' And yet, if ever there was an organisational department that deserves a 'get out of jail free' pass on the touchy-feely front, it should be HR. However, HR Professionals tend to shy away from being seen as touchy-feely in an effort to gain more legitimacy within the business. In a world increasingly driven by data and metrics, soft skills like the touchy-feely art of storytelling go A LONG way to balancing the technologically driven environment workplaces have become (and will become more so going forward). To all the HR Professionals out there reading this post, consider this your opportunity to get all touchy-feely AND to drive positive change in your organisation through storytelling.

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