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Secure, Compliant, Efficient, Low Maintenance

Looking for the flexibility to choose how your Payroll solution works for you?

Now its possible for you to choose between an on-premise Payroll option or fully outsourced Payroll Services, both of which are fully integrated with Subscribe-HR's suite of HR software solutions

Subscribe-HR's flexible Payroll solutions provide you the freedom to choose what works best for you and have it tailored to meet your needs. Subscribe-HR Payroll Solutions are provided by our strategic Alliance Partners and our integrated payroll solutions are designed to make processing your Payroll faster, easier and more flexible. In house or outsourced, now you can automate your Payroll processes, calculations and use logical workflows while at the same time maintaining compliance and security. Subscribe-HR Payroll solutions are provided based on Software solutions and Outsourced Payroll Services. All solutions come with out of the box integration, ready to use. Integration end-points relate to New Employee: Absence: Address: Tax: Super: Bank Details: Accruals: Payslips: Timesheets: Salary.

Process your Payroll by company, pay cycle, location, pay class, group or for a single employee. Subscribe-HR's Payroll solution gives you the option to process as many pays per cycle needed to meet the unique needs of your business. You can access built in measures to highlight any areas that may need to be checked before your Payroll process is completed (such as missing bank accounts details, staff who have taken leave in excess of their entitlement). Real-time integration means that the required data flows seamlessly between Subscribe-HR and our Payroll Solutions / vice versa.

We've taken one of the most challenging aspects of your business and simplified it to create an efficient, secure and compliant process tailored specifically to suit your business.


Manage risk and guarantee compliance

  • Maintain your statutory and legislative requirements

  • Automated Taxation, Superannuation, Modern Award and Enterprise Agreement rules
  • Avoid processing errors

In-house or outsourced to meet your needs

  • Flexibility to choose how you manage your Payroll

  • Manage your Payroll in-house and maintain control

  • Outsource your Payroll to a full-service provider and access value-added benefits

Integrated Payroll health checks

  • Optimise your Payroll processes

  • Optimise your software settings

  • Optimse all integration points between your Payroll solution and your other business solutions (HR, Finance, etc)

Managed Payroll service

Subscribe-HR's new Managed Payroll service is a 'Business Process as a Service' offering that removes the burden of your Finance and Administration teams having to manage and process your Payroll. This responsibility can now be outsourced to a team of Payroll professionals and managed using software that integrates seamlessly with your HR software and other business solutions.

A Managed Payroll service ensures that your Payroll is compliant with all state and federal legislation, manages all aspects of Payroll processing including preparation of banking files, emailing of payslips, remittance of superannuation and delivers your reports electronically.

Your expert Managed Payroll team becomes your Payroll Office, managing all updates relating to changes in Employee details, pay rates, entitlement and deductions, and can deal with Employee pay enquiries via their 1300 phone or email support lines.

Now you can have a complete Payroll, Human Resource Management and Employee Self Service solution, seamlessly integrated, that provides Employee and Manager self-service access to a number of functions including:

  • New Employee and updates to Payroll
  • Leave Application/Approval
  • Leave Accrual balances
  • Access to Payslips (pdf)
  • Access to Payment Summaries
  • Update of Employee Bank Details
  • Update of Employee Address Details
  • Company Policy Sign-Off
  • Tax Dec and Super Sign-off
  • Employee – Manager Interaction
  • New Starter Check Lists

It is also possible to have online access to the Payroll system for enquiry and reporting purposes, this can be provided at the additional cost of appropriate access licences and training for those personnel requiring access.

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Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Payroll Solution

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