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Self-Service Software

Smooth Transition from Employee Onboarding to Employee Self -Service

Automatically provide access to new people once they have onboarded themselves through Susbcribe-HR’s Free Employee Onboarding solution. Send New Employee, Super/Tax, Bank, Address details to payroll and then the new person can start using Self-Service. Integrate Absence, Timesheet, Payslips, Accuals, Salary, Bank etc so Employees can update and view this information aswell.

Self-Service Software

Dashboards are Everything for Employees, Manager and People Culture Teams

Decide which functionality each Team or Group can access. Allow them to interact with Business and HR process based on your unique requirements. The freedom of choice is available to you so you can delivery devolved responsibility to your people and improve HR customer service. All available through a mobile responsive HR Platform. Create your own NEW Dashboard Widgets.

Self-Service Software

Choose from predefined teams settings or Create your own

You can start with our our of the box user group configuration to get up and running quickly, then create your own additional functionality for your unique, specialist People and Culture needs.

Self-Service Software

Easy and Seamless Leave Requesting

All the traditional Self-Service options available ready to go. Configure multi-level authorisation processes and then integrate this information into your preferred payroll solution, as well as accruals and payslips.

Self-Service Software

Payment for Time Worked

Easy to use and configurable time-sheet forms that can adapt to your unique time-sheet recording and payment requirements. Subscribe-HR's unique form configuration layout smarts allow for tailored time-sheets per Job to be configured.


More that just traditional Self-Service

Allow Managers to Requisitions to hire, WHS incidents, Training Request for their team members. Conduct catch-ups for Performance Management and traditional two way reviews.

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