IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and + API Software Solution

Unique, Tailored, Yours

Want an HR software solution that’s made to fit you perfectly?

IDE gives you the freedom to tailor your solution right down to the code

The most agile HR software available means you can tailor your solution right down to the code using the Integrated Development Environment (IDE + API) solution. We make sure your HR system can flex and scale for the future, so you can change with the times. That means your solution has the ability to keep pace with changes in technology and changes in your organisation. Always. Using our IDE + API, we are rapid HR Software Developers. Meaning you save money when you want to build new stuff. We can do it for you or you can get your own resource to build new Solutions into the Subscribe-HR Platform.

Your organisation has its own unique fingerprint and we make it possible for you to really tailor your system to fit your needs. IDE + API means your HR solution can bend to your will and do anything you want it to. You’re in control.

Now that’s freedom!


Fully customisable functionality using IDE JavaScript tool 

  • Tailor your solution to make it as unique as your own organisational fingerprint 

  • Bespoke customisation capability means your solutions will always meet your changing needs

  • Build Functionality using your API

Absorb development costs

  • Scale functionality and build new features yourself

  • Keep pace with technology changes with the power to flex and grow

  • Code and Deploy Easily

Innovative partnership between you and us

  • Lead from the front with this cutting-edge HR software capability

  • Your unique enhancements, plus our innovative software sets you up for future proof success

  • Create Cost Effective HR Software for yourself

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IDE Solution for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software IDE & API Solution

IDE Solution Features for People Leaders

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