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Configurable HR Software

Step outside of Conventional HR Systems

Extend your system further by building custom functionality and APPs. Create anything using JavaScript and templates. Extend existing layouts and forms to make them work how you want them to work. Sell your APP to Subscribe-HR customers. APPs like: Advanced Orgcharts, Timesheets, Payroll integrations, Co-operative Buying, Blockchain.

Configurable HR Software

Make your Forms Interactive

Use front end JavaScript and a number of selected libraries to make your forms interactive. Create custom validation, animations and other cool features. Start your own Dev business and build APPs on the Subscribe-HR Platform.

Configurable HR Software

Customise your Style

Use custom CSS to enhance visual appearance of your forms. Great UX and UI is key. You take control.

Configurable HR Software

Extend back-end Functionality

Define what happens when certain actions take place in the backed. Build custom API end points to extend functionality of your forms and objects.

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