HR Software Use Cases

HR Professionals, People Leaders and Employees

All contributing to something bigger than themselves. What people may consider being insignificant, can have a significant impact on people's lives. These Subscribe-HR Use Cases go to the heart of the work our Specialist Cloud HR Software does to help contribute to the bigger picture. Feel like you make a difference in peoples lives.

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Subscribe-HR HR Professionals

Dream Jobs do come true

When someone sees that Job description that excites them, they see a future with your organisation. They make plans. You allow this creative process to occur. When you get that requisition authorised and it loads out to your website and job boards, feel inspired by the opportunities you are providing to people in the world.

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Subscribe-HR Perfect Employee

We want you here

Fitting in quickly and being welcomed warmly makes a big difference to the experience of someone coming into your business. Get all of the administration done through automatic employee onboarding so your team can focus on connecting through new professional relationships. Spread the warm feeling of a friendly welcome.

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Subscribe-HR Happy Employees

Beautiful Time-off

One of the most actively used part of a Cloud HR software system is the leave request function. At the click of a button, people start imagining their next break. Beach, Overseas, Country, Pyramids, French Cheese, Italian Pasta. Leave requesting automation in Subscribe-HR helps people make their dream holidays come true. Help Employees have that Holiday Freedom feeling.

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Subscribe-HR Time Off

Thanks for your expertise

When someone submits a timesheet, they imagine what joy and freedom being paid offers. Accurately and quickly submitting timesheets with fast authorisation and payment brings people together, to share experiences and have meaningful time together or to simply enjoy what means most to them. Make your people feel valued.

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Subscribe-HR Thank You

The Joyful feeling of pay time

One of the most enjoyabe parts of work. Receiving a return on your time and hard work. Let people know straight away with a creative e-mail that they have now received their latest pay. Congratulate them in a branded e-mail and point them towards where in their Cloud HR software platform, they can get access to this information. Do something novel on pay day. Go on, be creative.

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Subscribe-HR Joyful Feeling Pay Time

Send your goodness into the world

Inspire people in your business to create a beautiful society. Lead them and provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed both at work and outside work. Fulfilled people at work will have a positive impact on society. Align their values to the values of your business through simple, clear appraisals and feedback. Help people feel self-worth.

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Subscribe-HR Carry Brilliance

Inspired People Experience

Leaders like going home to spend quality time with their loved ones, or pursuing their other passions. Everyone deserves to deal with experts that reduce stress through professional and diligent management. Analysis, Reporting, and fast decision making spread the joy and care that employees deserve and great leaders provide. Feel leadership Success.

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Subscribe-HR Inspired People Experience

Why are you a People and Culture Specialist?

Are you someone who understands the power of creating efficiencies through specialist automation or do you like slogging it out, snowed under by paperwork and admin? Subscribe-HR wants to take care of the hard work and heavy lifting so you have time to create, connect and relax. Create a picture in your mind of the HR life you want to live and the work environment you want to create for others. Let Subscribe-HR take care of the Dashboards, buttons, forms, e-mails, data processing and analysis so you can use your goodness to create some happiness in people's lives. Feel empowered and more in control of your workload so you can be there for your loved ones.

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Subscribe-HR People Management Specialist

Complexity simplified so you can have more of your most precious resources: TIME

Over 600,000 man hours have gone into creating Subscribe-HR so you can help others. The most Flexible, people orientated Cloud HR Software solution available - Complexity Simplified... For you, so you can make more dreams come true for hundreds, thousands and millions of people. Think about the impact you have on so many lives every day. Helping pay mortgages, schooling, supporting marriages, relationships, holidays, rest, relaxation, health, social engagement. You can have an amazing, positive impact on Workplaces. Feel peace-of-mind that you have now have the help you need to do your People Management thing.

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Subscribe-HR Complexity Simplified

Your #HRtech should serve your people, not the other way around

Never forget that people don’t just do what they do for money. There is a much deeper process at work related to their values, belonging and the contribution they want to make. All the technology you implement (HR or otherwise) should have a direct relationship with enabling aspirations, goals and benefits; for individuals, leaders and organisations as a whole.

It is also about ensuring that the ‘human’ factor stays front and centre as life and business become more technology dependent. It is all too easy to get swallowed up by tech and forget that at the end of the day, it is still, first and foremost, all about the people. Your people. That is your employees and your customers.

We've put together an e-Guide that outlines all the Use Cases that matter to HR Professionals, Leaders, Managers and employees.

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