Developer e-Recruitment Software and HR Software Solution

Customisable, Scalable, Flexible

Feel like customising your HR software solution, but don’t know code?

Developer makes it possible with just a few clicks

We know that you want to make your HR software solution to look and feel like it’s your own. So we’ve taken the complexity out of tailoring your system to meet your organisation's unique and specific needs. The integrated Developer solution means that you can customise up to 60% of your system without knowing how to code. Now you're in control.

Not only that, as technology evolves, you have the ability to keep pace with the changes easily and effectively.

That means less time taken to customise, configure and implement your HR solution, or change it to suit your future needs. The result; significant cost and time savings, as well as a faster go live date.

You’ll be up, running, tailored and terriffic in no time. Really!


Significant cost reduction

  • Don’t pay developers to customise your system, you can do it yourself

  • Create new functionality at the click of your mouse

Tailor during your free trial

  • Transparent trial process means you can customise right from the start

  • Your tailor made changes are preserved if you implement the solution

Speedy implementation process

  • Configure and customise at pace for speedy go live

  • You have greater control, reducing complexity

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Developer Solution for People Leaders

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Developer Solution Features for People Leaders

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