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Looking for more than to just Change Your System - Developer?

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Create your own HR Software

Use the Developer Solution to change your system as you need. Update, Create, Deactivate any of the Core Subscribe-HR functionality across all solutions. Massive time and cost savings in comparison to any other HR Software.


Change Functionality Attributes

Select any of the fields in the forms of Subscribe-HR and change their ordering and other key attributes. Create new fields as needed across any forms in the system. No need for expensive Developers.


Amazing Group and Team Access

Choose who sees what information through easy User Group management. Create amazing team environments quickly and easily.


More Fields at a Click

Choose where fields are to be located in a form. Drag and drop and add new Tabs and Fields.


New Relationships

Create new relationships in the new functionality you build. Link them together as required. New Folders, Sub-Folders, Forms, Tabs, Fields, Workflows, Snippets, Actions, Groups Access, Reports and API integration.



You decide which actions you want to put on forms that are designed.


Link Workflow

Create Workflow tasks now that you have your functionality in place.


Reporting on your New Functionality

Run Reports on the data that your new functionality is now capturing and automating. Use our library of over 60 Standard Reports or create your own new ones. Use our advanced SQL reporting tool (coming soon) to define HR Metrics.


Assign New Features to Users and Teams

Tick the new features that you have created and assign them to Groups and Teams. No Business Analysts or Developers required.


Create Your Own Dashboards

Create your own custom Dashboards, add as many as you like to your account.


Custom Dashboard Widget Configuration

Create your own Dashboard Widget templates and add them to your Dashboards.


Create Custom Permissions

Assign custom permissions for custom User Groups.


Need more than to just Change Your System - Developer?

We are Integration Experts too. Click Here to find out about our Integration Solution.

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