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Performance Management Software

One size does not fit all Team Management needs

So Subscribe-HR has created adaptable tools for your performance feedback and appraisals to be automated for clear results. Use our standard performance management content or adapt the system to create your own, easily. Style your review workflow cycle per Job, including steps for skills, goals, value and behaviours, catchups and pdp’s. Use Review Methods based on alternate Cycles or Employee Start Date. Repeat Review Process or STOP reconfigure and RESTART

Performance Management Software

Create your own rating scale

Use the multi rater that fits with you review and appraisal style. 1-5, 1-10, Stars, Words.

Performance Management Software

Cascading Goals with linked PDP and interventions

Focus your organisation's efforts through linking individual goals to Company Objectives. Managers can assign team goals also. When a review or catch-up is taking place, focus can be provided by tracking Goals and Development from a user Dashboard. Actions like e-Learning, Face to face training and mentoring can be monitored. Create Two-Way Feedback, Peers reviews, 360 Degree reviews, catch-ups. 360 Degree Review participants can be selected by Manager or HR. Including External 360 Degree participants.

Performance Management Software


Goals can be linked from a library or they can be created on the fly in an ad-hoc manner to provide flexibility. Skills, Values and Behaviours can all be selected to be reviewed against during the review cycle. Goals can be linked to top level business objectives. View Goals from Team Dashboard Widgets. Create goals through the Review process of Ad hoc during the review cycle - Manager or Employee.

Performance Management Software

Talent Management and Talent Pools

Set-up Talent Cubes to automatically identify top performs, bottom performers, project teams and flight risks.

Performance Management Software

Magic Review form Creation

Use Subscribe-HR review templates or create your own review / surveys forms.

Performance Management Software

Easy Completion and Interaction

Employees, Managers and People and Culture complete the assigned steps and the relevant stage of the review cycle. Easy interaction and completion.

Performance Management Software

Easy to understand

People open up step needing completion easy, intuitive, mobile responsive interface. Fully mobile responsive. for End Users who are interacting with review and for SA users configuring the Review Process.

Performance Management Software

Create Dashboard Engagement that's right for your audience

Display what your teams and groups need to be able to engage with the application and feedback process in a smooth and efficient manner so they understand the meaning of performance data in the big picture of the business.

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