Pi (π) Performance Management Software Solution 

Automated, Real-time, Collaborative, Transparent


Looking for a collaborative, social tool to share recognition, manage performance and build great teams?

The Pi (π) Performance Management Software Solution enables you to integrate values, culture, 360 degree feedback and real-time, peer-to-peer recognition to enhance employee skills, development and behaviour

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Why Pi (π)? As you will be aware, Pi (π) is the number (3.14.....) which is used to calculate the circumference of any circle by multiplying it with the diameter of the circle. Pi (π) is infinite. The number of decimals that have been calculated in mathematical equations runs into the trillions. The Subscribe-HR Performance Management Software solution allows you to set-up an infinite number of review types and assign them automatically to both Jobs and People. Build your own reviews with the detail that you require and then deploy these into your organisation and use them in conjunction with real-time recognition. Let Pi (π) calculate your formulae automatically based on collating all the end point results and then using your formulae, arriving at an automaticPi (π) score for each employee. You can then use this end score to reward and recognise performance.

The Pi (π) Performance Management Software Solution has been designed to integrate the best of traditional Performance Management with organisation wide crowd sourced, real-time performance review feedback. This enables you to harness the power of social recognition to transform employee performance and enhance your organisational culture.

The Pi (π) solution allows your organisation to manage your people in a democratic, egalitarian and transparent manner by incorporating Development Plans, Action Plans (Organise, Supervise and Deputise) and real-time feedback. 360 Degree feedback is also available through the Pi (π) (SHaRe) solution, whereby you can 'Canvas' your employees through tailored questionnaires that can be set-up based on individual or group based performance management, or learning and development feedback.

Pi (π) enables your business to make announcements on corporate strategy changes as well as outlining mission / culture statements and how they relate to performance metrics.

All employee Action and Development Plans and performance feedback can be linked to things like values, skills, behaviours and then measured using the Pi (π) customisable rating scale. Final scores can be calculated based on data relating to employee performance in the context of individual and group feedback, achievement of development goals and real-time recognition. Feedback can be sent to the Subscribe-HR system easily and seamlessly via e-mail.

Create Strategic Announcements and include Heads of Department in the process using a collaborative tool within your Talent Management solution. Input Departmental Strategy, including functionality the enables you to link and create New Skills, Goals and Values that form a part of the Strategy. Link Job Descriptions and update them quickly from a single point. Link or create new Performance Reviews as part of the updated Strategy processes. This tool allows business to pivot quickly and become a dynamically, competitive business.


Define bottom, mid and top-tier performers in real-time

  • Pi (π) is a metrics and data driven system that enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of top-tier talent in real time

  • E-mail Feedback directly to Subscribe-HR. Easy engagement and data capture
  • Use horizontal peer-to-peer recognition, and 360 degree feedback across multiple tailored metrics

  • Facilitate Feedback and real-time communication about performance

Create and monitor multiple Talent Cubes based on individual Pi (π) scores

  • Fully customisable definitions for each of your Talent Cubes

  • Project matching using Talent Cubes and IQ search
  • Define the attributes you desire for a particular position and matching employees are automatically assigned to your Talent Cubes

  • Use IQ search functionality to mine your organisational data and derive your succession plans

Cultivate a holistic approach to Talent Management

  • Integrate your salary modelling and rewards programs directly with individual and group performance 

  • Trigger rewards for top performers based on metrics and Pi (π) scores

  • Auto calculate final scores for Employee performance using algorithm driven scoring based on customisable formulae
  • Create a holistic, collaborative approach to managing performance that engages your entire business

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Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Performance Management Solution

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