Team Dashboards (BETA)

Team Specific Engagement and Processing

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Team Dashboards

Dashboard Information for Teams and Groups

Maximise user engagement and productivity by presenting specific purpose built information in Dashboards. You can choose from standard layouts and widgets or create your own. Employees, Managers, People and Culture, System Usage Dashboards.

Dashboard Widget Content

Choose the content for your Dashboard Widgets

Fast and Cost Effective Widget creation. Present key information to Groups and Teams. Create Company and Group specific interaction. Unlike any other HR Tech on the planet.

Team Dashboards

Amazing Easy to Use Dashboards

All process STARTED at the click of a button from one central point. Press START and then start the process you want to manage. For Employees, Managers and HR. Choose who you want to send it to. Requisitions, Background Checks, Absence Requests, Timesheets, WHS Incidents. Create an Experience, not just a Submission form.

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No Obligation. As used by Autism WA, Li-Ve Tasmania, kikki.K, Adelaide Convention Centre and 100+ other businesses.

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