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Welcome to your Subscribe-HR Discovery Session Videos, conducted by the Founder of Subscribe-HR, Mathew French. Mathew has over 15 Years Experience in the HR Software Industry and is a Global Pioneer of HR Cloud Software delivery.

Established in 2010, Subscribe-HR has saved our Customers tens of millions of dollars in HR Administration Time and allowed all of them to focus on High-Value tasks, like creating sustainable workforces.

Not only this, due to the amazing flexibility of our suite of 12 Cloud HR software solutions, and our ability to configure the Subscribe-HR system quickly and cost effectively, we save our customers millions of dollars in system set-up and ongoing scalability, set-up change costs.

Subscribe-HR has over 100 Customers, over 40,000 Users, and processes in excess of 50,000 Job Applications per month. See why they have chosen AWARD WINNING CLOUD HR SOFTWARE from Subscribe-HR.

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