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Heavy Lifting and Alerts

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Looking for more than just Push Notifications & Workflows?

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Ready To Use Standard Push Notifications and Workflows

Easily turn on standard Push Notifications and Workflow Reminders. Trigger notifications about a large selection of important HR tasks and processes, including: Requisitions, New Applicants, New Starters, Checklists, Company Property, Birthdate, Certificate and Licence Expiry, Timesheets, Background Check Reminders, Absence, Manager Change, Leaver and more.


Fast and Easy Updates For Push Notification and Workflow Rules

Change the rules and recipient, link Workflows together and much more. Great for Non-Technical People and People & Culture Managers. Codeless HR Technology like no other.


The Power To Choose Who Receives Notifications and Workflows

Create intelligent rules for who is involved with the workflow. Multiple escalation points and simultaneous completion functionality. Escalations and notifications based on non-complete rules.


Link to Employee Lifecycle Stage For Specialist HR Automation

Allow the system to do the heavily lifting for your specialist data capture requirements. Attach Push Notifications and Workflows to Surveys and record creation. Ideal for more complex requirements including Requisitions, Onboarding Checklists, Company Property Management, Training, Absence, Timesheets, Certificates and Licences, WHS incidents, Performance Management. No Coding saves you time and money.


Create Custom Form Layouts and Attach to Workflows

Create custom layouts for forms that are sent to Users to complete record updates. No Coding saves you time and money.


End-Users Receive On-Time Notifications

All Push Notifications and Workflow Task Reminders in one place. The Tasks & Reminders Inbox allows Users to action and complete all requirements without fuss. All Users included in the communication chain are updated as required based on your rules. Integrated with email like Outlook and Gmail.


Need more than just Push Notifications & Workflows?

We are HR Metrics & Reporting Experts too. Click Here to find out about our HR Metrics & Reporting Solution.

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