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Aligned, On-Time, e-Recruitment, Employee Onboarding, HR Software and Talent Management Cloud Software all Automated with BPMN HR Workflow

Need to Document and Automate all your HR processes, Employee Onboarding, Procedures and Tasks?

With HR BPMN Standards Workflow software its possible, all from one centralised location

HR is a big data process. As an HR Manager, it's challenging to stay on top of all that information. We understand how demanding this can be. With Workflow, you can configure your system to automate the HR processes, procedures and tasks of your choice; from birthdays to license expiry, contract sign-off to exit interviews, you name it, you can automate it.

Now you can make HR a seamless experience for everyone, with on-time delivery of everything. You can relax knowing that you’ve mitigated your compliance and data integrity risks. Store, track and report effectively on grievance, absence, OH&S and more.

The Subscribe-HR BPMN Workflow Tool is outstanding for Automating Complex Workflows, easily. In HR, these Workflows exists in many areas such as: Requistion to Hire, HR Onboarding and Employee Onboarding, Tax Form Submission, Pension and Superannuation Submission, Timesheets Authorisation, Absence Request and Authorisation, Off-Boarding Surveys using Multi-Level processing and much more.

Create Workflow Schema in Vision and then import it directly into Subscribe-HR for trigger appoitment.

Give manual processes the flick and say hello to peace of mind. Workflow does the hard work for you. On time, every time.

Subscribe-HR comes with two workflow options. Standard and Enterprise.

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More power to you (and your people)

  • Configure and automate everything to your heart’s content

  • Rosters, shifts, timesheets, absence all in one centralised location

  • BPMN Workflow

  • UI Driven Design

Mitigate your compliance risks

  • Store risk based information and gather data effortlessly

  • Helicopter overview

  • Complete Reporting Across Workflow Process

  • Complete Audit across all Workflows at once

Manage multiple processes and forms

  • Set up as many workflows for processes, procedures and tasks as you need

  • Run multiple workflows concurrently

  • Digital Sign-Off in Workflow Environment

  • Set and Forget

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Workflow Solution for HR-Professionals

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Workflow Solution

Workflow Solution Features

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Workflow Solution Features

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