Place Customers 1st and success will follow, this is our mantra

We understand that when you subscribe to use an HR software solution, that having access to the software itself, is only half of the equation. You only have to look at the level of customer dissatisfaction around support and customer service with some of the larger HR software providers in the market, to know that this is a mission critical element of providing software-as-a-service. The often-overlooked part of this ‘service’ equation, especially with larger players in the market, is the level of personalised support you receive from your provider. Part of our mission is to continuously and consistently exceed our customer service and support expectations.

We strive to deliver this mission through following our stringent customer service guidelines and service level benchmarks. We also ensure that we maintain a sustainable business model, which means that we will never allow our organisational growth to outstrip our ability to provide our customers with the kind of personalised service we know they want, and need.

Your SupportZone allows you to manage your Subscription as well as access supporting information like training manuals, project implementation framework documentation and specification requests / sign-off. Support questions and issues can also be logged through your SupportZone.

Support documentation and features available to you are:

  • Service Level Agreement.

  • Training Wiki.

  • Screen casts.

  • Webinar training recording.

  • Specification requests.

  • Project Management documentation.

  • Issue logging and management.

  • Specification templates and requests.

  • Excel data upload tool.

  • Data upload templates and guide.

  • Security group configuration and standard set-up.

  • Standard launch for ESS and MSS.

  • Standard list of reports.


Personalised support, always

Of course, nothing beats good, old fashioned, personalised service, where you can either pick up the phone, or send an email, to connect directly with our Support Team. This type of availability forms the foundation of the way we support all our customers. We know that this type of personalised service is important to you. That’s why it’s also important for us to make sure that superior customer service is the mainstay of our business model. This will never change. Ever.

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