HR Reporting: e-Recruitment - HR - Performance Software Solution

Measured, Reported, Shared

Want to take your HR Metrics and turn them into big data analysis based decision-making success?

Now you can do it at the click of your mouse with sophisticated, yet simple HR Reporting software

HR metrics and big data analysis are essential tools for the modern HR Professional, but we understand that you didn’t get into HR to crunch numbers and create charts. That’s why our Reporting software solution does it for you!

Take your big data analytics abilities to the next level, with customisable reporting that enables you to slice, dice, measure, analyse, share and shine. With elegant graphical reporting only a mouse click away, you can report on everything without even breaking a sweat. Not only that, you can easily share your dazzling data with your colleagues and Management. Real-time, accurate information means enhanced decision-making ability and strategic insight.

Now you will have time to be the people person you’ve always wanted to be because we’ve made it simple for you to take care of business the easy way, no spreadsheets required! 


Improve your decision making ability

  • Real-time data at your fingertips including; cost-of-hire, best avenue of hire, absence and more

  • Rapidly create your own big data driven Human Resources reports

Elegant graphical output

  • Graphical turn-key reporting

  • Your choice of graphs posted to user dashboards

Automated delivery for organisation wide collaboration

  • Share reports into your enterprise collaboration environment

  • Data analysis and HR metrics widgets

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HR Reporting Solution for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Reporting Solution

HR Reporting Solution Features for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Reporting Solution Features

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