Need a solid base for your people platform?

Core-HR software solution creates a firm foundation on which to build your HR strategies

Subscribe-HR's Core-HR software solution enables you to build a solid foundation for your people platform based on intelligent design and superior security. This will give you confidence and lasting peace of mind. Our simple, yet sophisticated HRIS software solution means you can centralise all your HR data in one location. Access real-time information and report on it with ease. Share everything seamlessly with your colleagues and then get to work on strategy. Now you can connect with your people personally and go home on time knowing that you’re compliant, up to date, and on top of things.

We've transformed the challenging part of HR in something simple, fast and fun so you can enjoy what you do. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Manage risk and guarantee compliance

  • Tick all the boxes and never miss a beat on compliance requirements

  • Report Instantly on any HR Information
  • Devolve responsibility to your employees

Centralise and automate everything, always

  • All your data in one place, with the tools to automate all your procedures, processes and tasks

  • Employee Onboarding Automation
  • Run multiple workflows concurrently

Improve your decision making ability

  • Real-time data and collaborative sharing means you finger is always on the pulse

  • Dashboard Analysis of HR Information
  • Share your HR knowledge with public reports

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Core-HR Solution for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Core-HR-Solution

Core-HR Solution Features for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR Cloud HR Software Core-HR Solution Features

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