Searching for e-Recruitment software that never sleeps and always has its eyes on great talent?

With an integrated e-Recruitment Software solution that automates everything, the sky is the limit

Subscribe-HR’s e-Recruitment software solution gives you the ability to automate and streamline your entire recruitment process, as well as harnessing the power of social media to your advantage. That means you attract the right talent, at the right time, in the right way.

Our thoroughly efficient, yet surprisingly simple system gives you the ability to connect with better-qualified candidates via multiple channels. Now you can source passive candidates through Social Media. Track and share progress with your colleagues and evaluate the suitability of applicants via SHaRe questionnaires and canvases. You can also personalise all your communication and schedule it to be sent automatically. Spend your time connecting with potential candidates on a personal basis instead of wasting time on manual administrative tasks. Do all this from within the same solution. e-Recruitment Software is packed with features that will save you a lot of time and money.

You’re happy, your candidates are happy, Leadership is happy. It’s win, win, win!

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Personalised, tailored communication across multiple channels

  • Greater choice and flexibility in passing information

  • Enables seamless communication throughout the entire lifecycle of each vacancy

  • Facebook careers page plug-in

  • Job Alerts

Risk Management and Onboarding

  • Applicants can apply using their LinkedIn profile information

  • Auto contract sign-off, auto tax declaration submission (ATO), auto super choices input

  • Automated Background Checks

  • Auto Company policy sign-off and Onboarding surveys

Create and use Talent Cubes for perfect-fit hiring capability

  • New Vacancy Wizard enables you to create an internal agency, reducing your recruitment costs and time-to-hire

  • Profile the suitability of all your applicants based on attribute definitions you create for each vacancy

  • Enhances the decision-making acuity of the entire Recruitment team

  • Reduce Cost of Hire and Time to Hire

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e-Recruitment Solution for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR-Cloud e-Recruitment Software Solution

e-Recruitment Solution Features for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR Cloud e-Recruitment Software Solution Features

Employee Onboarding Software Solution for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR-Cloud HR Software Onboarding Software Solution

Employee Onboarding Software Solution Features for People Leaders

Subscribe-HR-Cloud HR Software Onboarding Software Solution Features

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