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e-Recruitment Software

Workforce Management through Job Vacancy Alerts

When a Job drops below a certain job holder threshold, get alerted and start the requisition process. Real-time e-mail and workflow notifications to start the employee life-cycle. One unified, specialist Cloud HR software platform. E-Recruitment and Employee Onboarding all in one spot.

e-Recruitment Software

Request Vacancy Authorisation and Budget Management

Dashboard Quick Links access for hiring managers and HR Professionals to resource the business quickly and effectively in a compliant manner.

e-Recruitment Software

Engage your next Employee

Job Board for engaging potential employees, seamlessly and easily working with your corporate website. Applicant self-service for communication and brand management.

e-Recruitment Software

Agency Management

Authorised Recruitment Agencies can submit candidates into active Vacancies so you can source the best fit people, faster and more cost effectively. Expression of interest for passive candidate engagement.

e-Recruitment Software

Tailored Application Processes

Be creative with how you engage new people. Use killer questions, key words and key attributes to arrive at an exclusive short-list score quickly so you get better people ahead of the rest.

e-Recruitment Software

Self-Service for Applicants

Improve Applicant customer service and brand management through real-time communication with people. Allow them to see for themselves where they are at with their Job Applications through exclusive, Careers page access.

e-Recruitment Software

Handle Applicants with responsive care

Carefully and intelligently manage  and communicate with applicants through one central point, which aggregates all key hiring information so you can get the best people into your business quickly.

e-Recruitment Software

Fluid Employee Onboarding from one spot

No disjointed people management. One system for Recruitment and Onboarding, to take the first part of the Employee management life-cycle to a whole new, efficient and effective level. Show management how much value you’re providing to the business.

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