In search of crystal clear insight and better engagement using integrated HR Surveys? SHaRe!

With SHaRe HR and Employee Surveys (Questionnaires) HR Surveys, you will know your employees from the inside out

Subscribe-HR's integrated questonnaires (SHaRe Surveys) and canvases mean you know what your people think, how they feel and what they're capable of, creating valuable and valued engagement. No more Survey Monkey to run HR analysis. Subscribe-HR HR and Employee Surveys are automatically triggered from within the Subscribe-HR, HR Cloud. Triggers are based on any life-cycle element.

Aligning the values of your employees with the values of your organisation and linking them to role specific KPIs is easy with Subscribe-HR Integrated HR and Employee Surveys. Create a Canvas of your ideal candidate characteristics, query applicants and measure them against your benchmark. Take the guesswork out of your HR equation, choose the best fit, every time.

Better alignment, increased retention and a more harmonious workplace means increased balance. From the inside out. It's up to you to define your values and behaviours, let Subscribe-HR deliver this and integrate the culture. For further information on HR Survey Design click here: Subscribe-HR HR Survey Design


Nurture current and potential employees

  • Understand what your people think and how they feel, then give them exactly what they want and need

  • Measure employee engagement and correct your course accordingly

  • Onboard and collect information from New Employees Automatically

Enhance your talent strategy

  • Gather data throughout the entire employee life-cycle so you know what’s working and what isn’t

  • Use your insight to enhance your perfect fit hiring capabilities

  • Report on Surveys information instantly

Differentiate yourself

  • Stand out from your competitors by showing that you listen to, care about and understand your people

  • Put yourself ahead of the curve with tools that enable deep insight and internal cohesion

  • Deploy HR Surveys at any stage of the Employee Life-Cycle

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