Subscribe-HR has a Turnkey integration with OrgChartPro

Share information automatically between OrgChart and Subscribe-HR to achieve high level data integrity

OrgChart integration HR Software

OrgChart is designed to free you from the tedious repetitive task of creating and maintaining org chart. If you need an org chart, we take your existing HR data and whip one up. As that data changes, we automate the update process, saving you time so you can focus on your business instead of dragging boxes a chart.

Workforce planning is strategic for corporations, non-profits and government organisations. Our organisational charting software uses HR analytics will turn your organisational charts into a goldmine of visual information. Allowing you to view and monitor key human capital metrics from span of control and performance to modeling organisational change and talent mapping.

Create a custom SaaS ecosystem where all your business solutions communicate seamlessly

HR Software and org charting software together







Your IT ecosystem is customised and optimised

Your bottom line improves

Your people are happier

  • Your HR solution will integrate seamlessly with your org charting solution using plug and play functionality

  • Integration capabilities mean you're in control of what business solutions you include in your ecosystem

  • Organisational chart for your decision making

  • Integrations increase efficiency by improving data accuracy and compliance

  • Save time and money by reducing double handling

  • Dynamic view of your workforce for decision making

  • Liberate your employees from manual processes and improve morale

  • Break down silos by enabling cross-functional reporting and data sharing

  • Share information to all your people

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