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Automating Employee Lifecycle Management: Six Steps to Success

Posted by Mathew French on 2 July 2019

The Employee Lifecycle (ELC) is your roadmap to building an engaged employee experience. Cloud HR software is how you digitally transform your employee lifecycle to reduce friction and deliver powerful results to potential, current (and maybe even past) employees that is simple, automated and engaging. In this week's HR Blog we explore how to make your employee lifecycle sing...

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Transforming Work, Workplaces and Managing Performance in Your Workforce

Posted by Mathew French on 18 June 2019

As the world of work changes, so too must the approach of those who design, build and maintain our physical and/or virtual offices. Accordingly, how those who are in charge of managing the teams who occupy these physical and virtual spaces is also in a state of flux. With four generations in the workplace for the first time in history, we also need systems, processes and offices that support and adapt to the needs and talents of the entire cohort, fostering constructive interaction and collaboration across generations. We've shared a few posts recently about the future of work, including digital workspaces, human capital trends and driving culture change. Continuing on with this 'future of work' theme (because a good offence is the best defence), this week's HR Blog turns an eye to the practical solutions for managing the future of work, workplace and the performance of your workforce.

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How Your Business Does Employee Onboarding Is How It Does Everything

Posted by Mathew French on 12 December 2017

It's that time of year, when everyone is thinking about new beginnings. The impending new year offers an opportunity to hit reset, course correct or take a completely new direction. Starting a new job is a significant new beginning and for new starters, how your business does Onboarding is a reflection of how you do everything. Research indicates that approximately 22 percent of employee turnover takes place during the first 45 days of employment at an average cost of replacement between 16 and 20% of that employee’s salary. That is a significant productivity and dollar cost in and of itself, not to mention the disruption it causes to the rest of your employees and the drain it places on your HR team. So can your organisation onboard new employees in a manner that inspires them to stay with you long-term and become productive, cohesive, integral members of the team as soon as possible?

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Roadmap For HR Managers in an Organisational Restructure

Posted by Mathew French on 31 August 2017

We're currently doing 2017 edits of some of our most popular Blog posts. Back in 2014 we published 'Key Concerns for HR Managers in an Organisational Restructure, and it still gets a significant number of views every month. However, the business landscape has shifted quite significantly in the last 3 years, so we figured it was time for an update. After all, as the disruption from AI, robotics and other upheaval transforms the way we work, having some sound restructure foundations to guide your process will become more essential than ever.

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Performance Review Methodology: That's a (w)Rap!

Posted by Mathew French on 7 June 2016

Following a decade of research and three years of development, testing and refinement, Subscribe-HR now delivers to you a world first in Performance Management automation and Employee recognition built on a foundation of over 20 years of knowledge and wisdom. For those of you reading this, it might well be easy to dismiss that first sentence as marketing jargon and potentially empty promises. However, Subscribe-HR has delivered other firsts since we started the business: Subscribe-HR was the first software company to create and offer the 'free trial' business model.

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Why Managing Performance Well is Good For Employee Wellbeing

Posted by Mathew French on 8 March 2016

At first glance, you might not think that how you manage performance, or your performance appraisal process have anything to do with employee wellness. Yet enabling your employees to achieve a reasonable level of work-life balance as well as giving them the skills and tools needed to succeed at work, is an essential ingredient in creating great a workplace culture in which your employees thrive. Often, work-life balance issues have their roots in the level of expectations that management and leadership set for employees, and the subsequent way that employee performance in relation to those expectations is then managed.

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HR and Tech in 2016: 10 Disruptions On The Horizon

Posted by Mathew French on 19 January 2016

It's that time of year, when we peer into the crystal ball of the future of work, and assess what the experts believe will be the key HR trends and disruptions in the coming year. As technology continues to transform the way we do business at warp speed, HR Professionals are being called upon to keep up with an increasingly challenging rate of change. The saving grace of this seemingly exponential rate of change is that HR software providers are becoming more adept at creating intuitive, easy to implement solutions and upgrades, that make it simpler than ever for end users to reap the rewards.

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The Algorithms Transforming HR Software

Posted by Mathew French on 8 October 2015

Gone are the days when e-Recruitment and Core-HR Software systems were just clumps of code that only store static data. Over the past 8 years, Human Resources systems have undergone a significant evolution - with the architecture of many of today's solutions virtually unrecognisable in comparison to their early noughties counterparts. Even the Payroll space has been radically transformed, despite the fact that many people thought it would take a lot longer for Payroll and Finance to go on-line and be cloud based in a mainstream manner. At the foundation of all these changes is the purpose of connecting both people and different systems together to create increased efficiencies and greater degrees of freedom. This level of innovation and automation has created inspiring levels of progress and change for many businesses, but what is in store during the next 5 to 10 years?

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