Subscribe-HR and pirkx wellbeing - a holistic, all-in-one solution

pirkx and Subscribe-HR offer seamless access to wellbeing on demand, including EAP counselling

Subscribe-HR Integration pirkx

Subscribe-HR has teamed with pirkx to offer Customers access to a 'one stop shop' for Managing HR and wellbeing all under one roof. Now you can get access to an HR Platform that provides the functionality to manage the entire employee lifecycle (from hire to retire) AND a wellbeing solution that provides access to the benefits, rewards and resources needed to manage and enhance employee wellbeing.

pirkx was created to bring powerful wellbeing benefits to everyone – whether your people are employees or contractors. pirkx believes that people should be allowed to choose their own journey to wellbeing, so they provide revolutionary 'wellbeing on demand' through a combination of included services, discounts and special offers, and the curation of the very best free resources.

Pirkx provides a plug and play solution, with it’s revolutionary Wellbeing on Demand portal and app. pirkx knows that wellbeing is suffering, and workforces need support with physical and mental, financial and social wellbeing, as well as a need for learning and development opportunities.

Here's a selection of just some of the services, discounts, special offers and resources that pirkx offers:

  • EAP counselling telehealth sessions for your staff and their partner.

  • Low cost GP telehealth on demand which is FREE during lockdowns.

  • A huge selection of discounts and offers with major retailers, online stores, from supermarkets to Apple and even a fleet discount on new cars.

  • 600+ online fitness classes.

  • Private Health fund corporate discounts.

  • SpecSavers Corporate Club.

  • Free courses and discounts on Udemy’s library of 150,000+ mini courses.

  • Loads of parenting resources to support in myriad ways.

As a result of our seamless integration with pirkx, Subsribe-HR Customers can now access their full suite of benefits for an extra $6 a month. Create New Users in pirkx from Subscribe-HR. User Single Sign-on to navigate seamlessly between pirkx and Subscribe-HR. Just opt in and your people will be able to access these benefits immediately.

Create a custom SaaS ecosystem where all your business solutions communicate seamlessly

HR Software and Wellbeing Software together







Your IT ecosystem is customised and optimised

Your bottom line improves

Your people are healthier and happier

  • Your HR solution will integrate seamlessly with your Wellbeing solution using plug and play functionality

  • Integration capabilities mean you're in control of what business solutions you include in your ecosystem

  • Taking care of your most important assets, and making it possible for them to better care for their families, makes for more productive employees

  • Have a positive impact on important HR metrics like absenteeism, burnout, and staff turnover

  • Provide affordable wellbeing to everyone within your organisation

  • Give employees the opportunity to looko after the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families

  • Everything available under one roof - that's holistic HR at its best

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