Like no other HR Software provider, Subscribe-HR releases regular updates to our Cloud HR software


You can find them all here and we tell you about this as we go, no matter if you are a Customer or you're thinking about becoming one...

New releases are listed below and indicate the solution the release relates to and the date when the release was made

As customer needs and software capabilities continue to evolve, so does our Cloud HR software. With 13 modular cloud people management software solutions, Subscribe-HR makes regular updates to our platform. With each new release, we will publish a video here so that you can watch it at your leisure.

January 2021: Course Events and Course Providers


October 2020: Onboarding Contract Authorisation


July 2020: Remuneration Modelling Tool


May 2020: Cloud HR Software Configuration tools


May 2020: Workforce Manager


February 2020: OrgChart


February 2020: Company Directory


June 2019: Performance Management Workbench


June 2019: Performance Management Workflow


June 2019: Performance Management Employee and Manager Views


June 2019: Performance Management Canvas and Rating Scales


December 2018: Canvas Workbench


December 2018: Canvas Workbench 'Deploy Canvases'


December 2018: Canvas Workbench 'General Permissions'


December 2018: General 'List All Advanced Search'


December 2018: SHaRe Solution 'Canvases'


December 2018: Developer Solution 'Layouts'


October 2019: Multi-Factor Authentication


October 2019: Changing Email Address


October 2019: System Swapping


October 2019: Password Hardening


September 2019: Security Management: IP Browser Change Notification


April 2018: Onboarding 'Workflow Setup'


April 2018: Onboarding 'HR and Manager Dashboard'


April 2018: Onboarding 'Employee Onboarding Experience'


April 2018: Onboarding 'New Interface'


December 2017: Performance Management 'List All'


December 2017: Performance Management 'List All Reporting'


December 2017: Core-HR 'Company Directory'


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