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Please help us to ensure we communicate with the right people in your organisation

Help us verify your main HR contact and the system admin users for your account

Keeping up with the right people and contact information for the key users of each Subscribe-HR customer can sometimes be a little challening. We've noticed that when your main HR contact or System Admin user changes, we're often not notified about such changes until an issue occurs. We would like to avoid that happening in future because we understand that it causes you frustration. So, to help us ensure that we are able to communicate important information to all the right people in your organisation, we're going to start conducting this process on a quarterly basis.

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Subscribe-HR Customer Contact Details
Please ensure you input this contact information for each of the following individuals:
  • Main HR contact for your company / account.

  • Each System Admin user for your company / account.

  • Anyone else that you would like to receive important information (like system upgrades, new releases, newsletters and other ad hoc communications).

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