Evaluating HR Software Platforms: FREE e-Guide

A Quick Guide to Get You Started on Your Research and Selection Journey

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you evaluate and choose the right HR software Platform for your organisation

Think critically about what problem/s you’re trying to solve for your business, what integrations are essential, what features or requirements you have, and create a list of potential options that will help you choose the perfect HR software platform for your business. Don’t forget to include all relevant stakeholders in your organisation in the decision. Share this checklist with all parties involved, then connect to review everyone’s responses together.



This e-Guide helps you to examine and identify:

  • Problems you need to solve (the reason you're looking for an HR Platform).

  • Existing systems / solutions you're using.

  • Important stakeholders.

  • Potential HR Software Platform options.

  • Employee lifecycle management needs.

  • Your budget.

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