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Workforce Shaping Tools That Enable You to Make Informed Decisions in Times of Change

REM Modelling #HRtech for faster, easier workforce shaping

Hands up which ones of you have had to make changes to your ways of working and employee cohort since the start of 2020? If you raised your hand then you know how challenging it can be to slice and dice different scenarios to find the right one for your business right now. And if that changes in the future, as circumstances continue to change, you want to make sure that you have the tools you need to repeat this process quickly and easily. That why we've updated or REM Modelling tool and created this free e-Guide to explain how it works.



This e-Guide covers::

  • Workforce shaping: your ticket to success in times of change.

  • New REM Modelling tool interface.

  • REM modelling workflow examples.

  • REM modelling functionality.

  • Other workforce shaping tools in the Subscribe-HR suite of solution.

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