Build A Solid Business Case For HR Technology Implementation

All The Essential Ingredients You Need To Build A Business Case For HR Software At Your Organisation

Building a Business Case can seem like a daunting task when you don't know where to start...

That's why we've put together a document that lays it all out for you :)

If your organisation is still using manual processes, and / or outdated legacy systems to manage your HR tasks and processes, then you are definitely operating at a disadvantage. In addition to cost and time savings, Cloud based HR software is essentially the norm and offers multiple benefits, including a considerable reduction in the amount of stress that manual processes induce in your Employees. If you’re tired of outdated, manual processes, but aren’t sure how to build a Business Case that will convince both Finance and Leadership to approve the implementation of an HR system, then this document will provide you with an outline of how to go about building a robust Business Case to get you across the approval line, including:

  • Best practices for Business Case development

  • The stakeholders you need to enrol in your Business Case

  • Who do you need to build your Business Case for?

  • Why should Financial Executives and the Leadership Team care about HCM systems?

  • The pieces of the Business Case building puzzle

  • The process for building a Business Case

  • Why HR technology is critical to the success of your Business Plan

  • How an HR software solution can work for your business

  • Strategic analysis questions

  • Visibility challenges

  • Alignment challenges

  • Optimisation challenges

  • What is it worth to your business?

  • Evolution of a believable Business Case

  • Where does your ROI come from?

  • The biggest challenges in building a Business Case for Finance

  • Business benefit example

  • The reality of the situation

  • ROI generated by a business running multiple stores

  • Communicating the big picture

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