• Fast, Effiecient, Social
  • Simple, Intuitive, Intelligent
  • Automated, Aligned, On-time
  • Valuable, Valued, Validated
  • Measured, Reported, Shared
  • Integrated, Innovative, Agile
  • Reliable, Secure, Safe
  • Affordable, Scalable, Flexible

Fast, Efficient, Social

Forward thinking e-Recruitment and Employee Onboarding software


Subscribe-HR's innovative e-Recruitment and Onboarding software makes you fast, efficient and social; now you will attract the right talent at the right time.

  • You can move fast to connect with, and hire both passive and active top tier talent

  • You are more efficient and, way ahead of your competitors

  • You are always social because you’ve got LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter covered

  • You want admin reduction by automating Employee Onboarding

Simple, Intuitive, Intelligent

Solid people foundation


Subscribe-HR's intelligent HR software architecture provides a solid HR Process Automation foundation for your people that makes implementation easy.

  • Your life is easier because your solution keeps it simple

  • Your solution’s intuitive interface makes means you’re on top of your game

  • Configure the interface without Code and make changes to the system yourself

  • Devolve anything: e-Recruitment, Employee Onboarding, Core-HR, Self-Service, HR Surveys, Performance Management, Feedback

Automated, Aligned, On-Time

Seamless HR processes and compliance



Subscribe-HR's sophisticated HR workflows enable you to automate everything, so you never miss another renewal, sign-off or compliance requirement.

  • Your HR processes, procedures and tasks are all automated

  • You have aligned tasks to dates and, delivered them seamlessly

  • Your compliance requirements are met, and you're always on time

  • Your HR Automation completed including Requisitions, Absence, Employee Contracts, Tax Forms, Company Policies and Employee Surveys

Valuable, Valued, Validated

Engaged and connected employees


Subscribe-HR's integrated questionnaires mean you know what people think, how they feel and what they're capable of, creating valuable and valued employee engagement.

  • Any type of HR and Employee Survey at any time using, Automatically
  • Your employees are valuable and, you need to know what they’re thinking

  • Your people know they’re valued, because you go the extra mile to find out what they need

  • Your potential candidates can be validated, above and beyond the content of their CV

Measured, Reported, Shared

HR metrics and big data analysis


Subscribe-HR's big data capabilities mean you can query, measure, match, compare, report and share all your information, with anyone, any time.

  • Your HR metrics are automatically measured and, your big data analysed

  • You can create meaningful reports that enhance decision making, for the entire organisation

  • Your reports are automatically shared, to encourage teamwork and collaboration

  • Auto Schedule Reports for easy of data consumption

Innovative, Agile, Integrated

Customisable code and open API


Subscribe-HR's solutions can be integrated with other business systems and customised right down to the code. Your solution, your needs, your choice. Now your Human Resource Management Software bends to your will.

  • Your organisation can be innovative, because your HR solution is customisable right down to the code

  • You are able to be agile because your solution will flex with the times, scale to suit your needs, and grow with you

  • Your HR software integrates with all your other business systems, through our open API and Integration solution

  • Communicate Easily with any other Application 

Reliable, Secure, Safe

Your business is our business


Subscribe-HR understands that the security, reliability and the safety of your data is important to you, that's why it's important to us too. Not only that, we know that when you need help, you need it on your terms and in your time. Our personalised support options mean that we’re only ever a phone call, or email away. That means you can reach out to us at any time, and we will be there for you.

  • Your data is being managed by a reliable organisation with 40 years combined experience behind them

  • You can relax because your HR information is secure and impenetrable

  • You have peace of mind because you know you're in safe hands

  • Amazon Web Service Power and Protection

Affordable, Scalable, Flexible

Pricing that suits your budget


Subscribe-HR's flexible pricing is structured to suit you, in the way that fits you best, meaning you're in control. We have monthly, quarterly and annual payment options. Not only that, we’re open to working with you to find an option that works better for you if those three don’t.

  • Your HR solution is affordable, because you only pay for what you need based your employees

  • Your system is scalable, so that it will always meet your changing needs

  • Your software the the most flexible in the market, saving you time and money on current and future developement requirements

  • Elastic Pricing scaling up and back

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