Market leading CEOs, MDs and GMs have become acutely aware of how imperative it is to have a robust and forward thinking HR software solution for the Human Resources team. The ability to efficiently and effectively source, attract, train, engage, and retain talent in a market with a well-documented talent shortage, is definitely a top priority. In the technological, online age, having the right Talent Management and e-Recruitment Software Tools to be able to implement a sophisticated Talent Strategy is fast becoming the difference between the Pacesetters and those who lag behind.

Your Employees are your organisation’s most valuable asset, and it is critical that your People Managers are able to not only service them efficiently, effectively and professionally, but to also really understand where they’re thinking, how they’re feeling and what they’re capable of. Subscribe-HR’s integrated suite of solutions give HR Professionals all the tools they need, to be better at the business of business and to engage your employees at every touch point of the employment lifecycle.

Without the most innovative and forward thinking solutions upon which to build a solid foundation, it is unlikely, in today’s market, that your HR team will be able to stay ahead of the curve in handling your workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimisation strategies.

Leadership is continually being asked to do more, with less. Especially since the downturn in 2008. Think about this for a moment:

  1. The anticipated median salary for an HR Manager in a small to medium enterprise in Australia in 2014/15 is between AUD90 - 130K.

  2. Research indicates that HR Professionals, even at this level, spend 25-50% of their time purely on administration.

  3. That means that in a standard working week, without the latest tools at their disposal, your HR Managers are spending 10 to 20 hours a week just pushing paperwork around, and this is costing you AUD27k to AUD55k per annum.

  4. That’s just the work your HR team is doing. Add to that the cost of your employees doing their share of paperwork to stay on top of compliance requirements, and the dollars soon add up.

The good news is, that this type of administrative burden is totally unnecessary. There is an easy way to liberate your people, HR Professionals and Employees alike, from the time consuming and expensive task of completing administrative requirements.

Given the right tools, you will always have seat for your HR leaders at your next Board Meeting because they will be able to provide you with invaluable insight into your organisation’s performance. You will also be better equipped for decision-making and strategy, with accurate data and reporting giving you crystal clear understanding about the most efficient pathway to success.

The nature of the Cloud based, SaaS model means your IT team can save time and continue to focus on core business activities. No more purchasing and managing hardware and software that is costly, complex, and expensive to update. Not only that, the integration potential of Cloud SaaS means you can create IT ecosystems using APIs. Now all your business systems are able to communicate with each other and share data seamlessly, breaking down information silos, reducing manual data transfers and removing double handling and human error. Forever.                                               

All of this means good news for HR, good news for IT, good news for Finance, good news for your Employees and fantastic news for Leadership.


Subscribe-HR's Cloud based, HR Software offers the following benefits

For the Leadership team as well as HR

  • Specialist tools to support the business

  • Core business focus

  • Real-time data analysis

  • Manage risk efficiently and effectively

  • Access critical employee data in real-time

  • Dynamic and agile business model

  • Improve the competitive advantage of your organisation

  • Dashboard reporting overview for access to key HR information

  • Exceptional value for money

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Subscribe-HR and Human Resource Management Software Overview


Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Features Overview


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