Employee satisfaction and engagement is critical to the overall success of your business. With Self-Service you are able to empower your Employees by giving them the freedom and flexibility to administer their own records, from anywhere, at any time. Not only does this make them feel included and valued, it also automates manual processes that normally take up too much of your time.

With Self-Service, your Managers can also have access to their own personal details and have access to required team member data. Survey your Employees with Employee Surveys and Pulse Surveys. Onboard new people professionally using Self-Service capabilities for information capture and workflow automation.

This allows both Employees and Managers to take ownership of tasks and reduce the amount of time you all have to spend on HR administration.

You can also enable your Managers to interact directly with their team by allowing employees to have access to certain specified details of their team members. Subscribe-HR allows for Data Privacy Legislation to be adhered to as the HRIS Self-Service software solution restricts access to information at the field level.

Subscribe-HR also allows for the masking of sensitive information like Tax File Numbers. Access to all Subscribe-HR functionality can be devolved organisation-wide depending on your requirements. That means you’re in control and the data of your employees is in the right hands, always.

Self-Service is the smart way to do HR, freeing both HR Professionals and your Employees, from unnecessary tedious paperwork and time consuming administrative burden. Say goodbye to paper, and hello to happiness.


Use Subscribe-HR's Self-Service solution for access to the following


  • Personal information

  • Address

  • Performance

  • Training records and requests

  • Absence requests

  • Internal job application

  • Timesheet submission

  • Payslips and payment summaries


  • All Employee Self-Service functionality

  • Absence authorisation

  • Manager Dashboards

  • Team details access

  • Department reporting

  • Requisitions (Combined HR and Recruitment)

  • Department absence planner

  • Requisitions

  • Workflow Inbox

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Subscribe-HR and Human Resource Management Software Overview


Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Features Overview


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