Your life is about to get a whole lot easier! The On-Demand, Cloud based HR Software delivery model means that there is no software installed on internal servers. All you require in order to access Subscribe-HR's Talent Management and Cloud HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution, is a web-browser and Internet connection. It really is that simple.

This offers substantial time and cost saving benefits to your organisation’s IT Department. Subscribe-HR is Platform independent, so there is far less burden placed on your IT resource to get the system up and running.

It also means that your organisation pays NO additional server cost and there are NO operating system and network conflicts. Therefore your IT Department can focus their time, energy and budget on delivering Core Business Projects and strategic infrastructure.

The SaaS solution architecture and delivery model means that all your users are always using the latest version of the software, and Subscribe-HR also manages all updates and upgrades. This means there is no disruption to your infrastructure, ever.

Integration with your other business solutions is also easy and simple with our open API and Integration solution. Now it’s possible to create your own IT ecosystem, meaning seamless data sharing and information flow. Break down information silos, eliminate double handling and ensure data integrity, with the latest integration capabilities. Your administrative load will evaporate once you’ve got all your systems integrated into one, big, happy family. Create your own HR Product using the Subscribe-HR IDE and API.


Cloud based, SaaS solutions offer the following benefits

For the IT team as well as HR

  • Developer and IDE solutions for complete screen customisation and workflow means you absorb customisation cost.

  • Web Services and API for integration

  • No installation or hardware

  • Manageable set-up (not resource intensive)

  • On-going flexibility and ease of customisation with the Developer solution

  • No software updates to manage

  • Robust and secure

  • Open design standards for better and more effective communication between other business applications

  • API for Web-Service integration

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Subscribe-HR and Human Resource Management Software Overview


Subscribe-HR Human Resource Management Software Features Overview


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