There has been talk within HR about using e-Recruitment software systems that don’t require a user name and password up front in the application process. Usually, these type of e-Recruitment software systems are used by Recruitment Agencies (like online Job sites for example), not HR Departments. The rationale behind this approach is to pick up as many Applicants as possible, with no focus on the quality of candidates, or the Applicant experience. Seek for example, still requires someone to provide a user name and password to ensure data privacy compliance, and also maintain data quality. Erroneous data uptake can occur when a unique identifier (like a user name or email address) is not used in an e-Recruitment software system. The result? The ability of the user to process Applicants in a professional and accurate manner is compromised.

Things like contract sign-off, on-boarding, auto-interview, communication and repeat applicant management all become quite difficult without a unique identification feature. Not only that, to move an Applicant through the process and progress them down the line to any point after the individual has applied for this first vacancy, leaves the door open to virus data surges in the Applicant Tracking System as well as making fake applications more likely. A system that is secure, asks the user for authentication right at the start of the application process. There is an argument that says, by asking the Applicant to set this profile information up at the start, it puts too much time pressure on the Applicant to type between 10 – 30 characters. The other side to that argument, which is becoming clearer now, is that if an Applicant is just flicking CVs and they don’t want to type in too many characters, they're probably just using a Job Board for processing and perhaps not really the right type of person for your business.

Given that it is the Job of HR to convey the values and behaviours important to a business and attract people based on matching Applicants with those behaviours and aligning them to culture rather than just processing meaningless data, using identifiers become a valuable tool. As a result of just trying to find people for the sake of hiring, the churn and attrition of such a business is significant, which dramatically effects the bottom line. All HR Professionals and Business Leaders understand the significant cost of making an incorrect hire. You can spend as much money as you like on engagement for your Employees, but if they are not the right fit culturally, this money will be poured straight down the toilet because the reality is that no amount of spoiling someone by providing great benefits, perks and organisational culture will get more quality and productivity out of them.

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