Rapid uptake and stickiness is the key to software implementations. Rapid uptake ensures that change management is well implemented and uptake of new solutions goes well. The ability to deploy the Value Proposition of a given solution and engage the end-users is essential, but unfortunately not an easy task. Historically, the process involved a human hand and time to ensure that requirements were gathered and scoped. This was then followed by functionality being delivered to the end-users to ensure they actually like using the solution and understand the capabilities of what has been provided. Modern cloud technology has been developed to not only provide functionality, but to also enable rapid implementation and deployment with far less human involvement.

This means that people can spend more time on human to human communication, which is underpinned by the HR technology itself. This philosophy can now be seen in modern HR solutions that deploys instantly and uses step-by-step Wizards to set enable Customers to set themselves up. Across the entire Employee Lifecycle; e-Recruitment software, HR software, HRIS software and Performance Management software can have complex processing translated into an easy to use, automated change management process that can be deployed from within the solution itself.

From organising Recruitment Workflows, to activating Real-Time Feedback and Recognition between employees, as well as adding Fields into systems and configuring Workflows, the implementation process is simplified and adoption rates can thus be amplified. This is how the next generation of future-proof HR software technology can and should work - out of the box, with configuration and customisation already integrated and on-demand. 

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