Are you swimming in a lake full for Administration and Stress simply because you are used to it and its just the way the staus quo is? Do you get stressed out because you spend so much time managing, you have no time to do anything else, like love yourself and sit with parts of you that have been disowned. Parts that your family or society have deemed unfit or unlovable. The human condition suggests that this likely is the case. Terrifying experiences in the past often breed vulnerability in a sense that is based on giving your power away to others because we are incapable of owning it ourselves. Can we accept that as human beings, we have both light and dark aspects of personality? Being whole is not the amputation of the dark, it’s the ownership of, the love of and the caring for it, which in turn removes the tendency to react and carry out actions as a result of these dark, unconsious aspects of ourselves. By writing this, sharing this line of thinking, there is fear as well as acceptance that this is not easy to do. Far from it. It is challenging, yet this is precisely what is needed for growth and evolution.

HR professionals, more than any other vocation, face both the light and dark sides of Humanity and then work to build and sustain businesses, as well as helping people who work for those organisations. It’s not about being a humanitarian organisation, it’s about integrating the capacity of acceptance of all the parts of each individual, and creating a business model with healthy boundaries which is inclusive of the whole human. Tough task. The model, as we see it is an Agile, Scalable model, embedded in Values, which is communicated within a Plan that outlines mission, culture, values and links these directly to Performance. Active Performance Feedback which feeds back up the chain, then offers ways in which employees can demonstrate these values in action and are rewarded for it, in real-time.

Values are like the DNA of a business. The key is to hire and attract people who are aligned to the values of your organisation so that there is less requirement to try to fit square pegs into round holes. Repeatable scale and automation are key parts of enabling human beings to have more time to connect to with each other. It’s not about saturating every aspect of business with robots or systems that do everything. However, it is about automating efficiency and connecting people with people, using technology to enhance and amplify this process as opposed to denigrating it. No, not social media, social interaction via face-to-face connection. Using technology as an enabler of letting people find and connect with their co-workers through real human contact. There is a tipping point of technological disruption which is not healthy for the human race and technology providers need to be aware of where this tipping point is. It’s their responsibility to engineer human contact into their business models as opposed to annihilating it completely. The automation functionality is already there via e-Recruitment software, Core-HR software, Performance Management software, but what's missing is the human factor that technology is supposed to be the enabler of.

Cloud HR Technology which allows both HR and Business Leaders to free up more time for focusing on Values Culture based alignment is already embedded in the mainstream. What is lacking is the management of performance and the cultivation of workplace cultures with models of communication that has the capacity for accepting the inclusion both sides of the human personality- the light and the shadow. Future proof HR solutions of the future now need to be able to flex, grow and provide a platform for organisations that are bold enough to educates and allows employees to feel themselves, the be themselves, to express themselves fully, be part of a community. The key is providing the right type of cultural framework, in adddition to training and modelling of this type of behaviour my Leadership, Management and Human Resources.

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