Over that past 7 years, Subscribe-HR has been experimenting with Culture building and Operational automation and how we can use out own product to enhance these areas for our own business as well as our customers. We like to think of our Company as a laboratory which allows us to experiment with processes and strategy and it's impact on our staff. We are trying our best to walk HR Talk. What is clear is that the premise of technology taking over what humans can do it both true and false. True from the perspective that efficiency can be seen in automation of tasks, but this does not mean that people will be made redundant. Their positions and roles change as the business and business environment changes. Those Companies that will do well are those that will have a business model in place to be able to analyse with performance quickly and adapt to the change.

An organisation is based on processes and the interaction of these processes with people and customers. How the product or services is delivered so that time of delivery is rapid though quality is still optimal. Each business will differ in terms of metric measurement. The Organisation is Science, the Company is art. If you have not worked on the science (AKA IP) then the Company itself has not got much of a chance to have any focus. Company = Culture.

A lot of HR Professionals are spending too much time working in the business (organisational) rather than working on the business (Company - Culture). In the organistion technology and processing smarts are important. How you get from point A to point B without taking short cuts that effect quality is where the businesses IP is in focus. Allowing your workers to do more with less is where the intersection of work productivity and wellbeing come into play. HR Technology is going to come to the forefront even further, becoming not only automating HR processes but also starting to encompass general business process and linking these to learning and performance.

Traditional transactions like leave requests and payroll automation, Employee Onboarding will still be important but the real power of HR technology will be seen in how it can measure the productivity of an employee based on organisational / operation tasks they are performing. Then using these to drive agile learning and performance management. These points of data and process convergence will be where the organisation meets the company. The smoother and more effective a business is at engineering this, will allow it to become more profitable (Profit Per Employee) which can then equate into Culture focus, wellbeing etc. No chicken before the egg or horse before the cart so to speak. The Job of HR Software Technology to to allow their customers to take advantage of Digital technology that allows them to implement their own Organisational and Company IP quickly. This is the ROI quantifier. How quickly did our HR process automation tool allow us to get to focus on the Company and how effectively did it deliver these strategic benefits. So there is great pressure on the best HR Software builders in the world to adopt these models into their HR Solutions in a way which does not impact on their system architecture to a point that configuration become customisation. If this happens, the whole model comes to a grinding halt.

Processes that focus on the organisation are things like Vacancy Posting, Applicant Automation (Interview timeslot selecting), Employment Contracts Digital Sign-off, Employment checking automation (Police, Background, ASIC etc), Tax Dec and Super Choices Automation, On-boarding Checklists, On-boarding Learning and Communication, Leave Request, Payslip Delivery, Leave Calendars, New Employee Surveys and Information Capture, Property Assignment, Expense Submission, Timesheet Submission, Digital Training information Delivery, Agile Action Plans linking to Succession and Project Teams, Automation Knowledge base for IP capture, Flight Risk and Succession Algorithms, Real-time Feedback, Action Plans (Based on Organise, Supervise, Deputise Model) and Feedback auto linking to Performance Review, Performance Review Automation, Digital Content Creation for L&D, Task Management with Workflow and Capacity Reporting. If these processes are being automated, there is a lot more time to focus on creating values and programs and you will see the the revenue and profit er employee will increase. Add to that automation of the right tasks and processes in the employee lifecycle. Combine this with Company based attention which looks at mission, values and culture creation and the Company will flourish be then attracting and keeping people by living its reason for being.

Creating a vision often starts with the end product that is desired. So here is some big picture HR Metrics to provide some ideas about where you want to be and how you might want to get there. It's about the people.

White Paper: HR Metrics, Statistics & Trends

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