In the past 15 years, the landscape of HR Software has changed dramatically. From Database applications in the late 90’s and early 2000's, to client server applications from 2005 onwards. The evolution has been rapid over the last 5-6 years. It really is amazing to the how e-Recruitment Software, e-Recruitment systems and HR Software in general has evolved. It used to be hard, costly and complex to integrate HR solutions with other systems. With the advent of social media and API focused applications and platforms driven by, the way in which Software applications are consumed and deployed has changed forever. This was a necessary part of the equation, if you don't evolve, you shrink and will be replaced.

The naysayers who said Payroll software would never go on-line and be based in the cloud were proven wrong. Thanks to Amazon, server infrastructure has also been commoditised. Amazon is the pioneer of Paas and Infrastructure-as-a-Service. These IT ecosystems offer enormous flexibility for the end user.

Australia is an innovative country, now ranked in the top five in terms of per head of population in the context of innovation. This has been evident recently in the rise of organisations like Atlassian. Many, many world leading innovative products has their genesis in Australia. Subscribe-HR is the pioneer of Cloud HR Software in Australia. The Subscribe-HR platform has the ability to enable developers to build their own Applications on the Platform, similar to the functionality of Netsuite and

e-Recruitment software, HR software, Performance Management software, if built and deployed effectively, contain a vast amount of information that can be used to engage people and add value to both brand and individual lives. Analysis of the data an organisation has collected and saved within these HR solutions is key. Changing perspective and seeing people who are not yet working for you as potential employees is how businesses are going to become more productive and competitive. Crowdsoucring itinerant workers is the way of the future for businesses and for HR Professionals. The game has changed quickly, and will evolve at the same pace over the next 2-3 years. The way in which adaptation is managed agility is embedded and technology is used to facilitate change will be key for each business and for HR Professionals.

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