HRIS Software needs to be able to present value quickly. Prior to HR Cloud Software becoming mainstream, the gap between purchase and realisation of the ROI of the system was too great. There were many reasons for this such as: lack of resources on client side, over selling, clunky software that did not allow for required changes to be made quickly. For these reasons, many HR Managers end up leaving their roles part way through the implementation, which then meant that the software implementation was put at risk. Not very good news for HR due to that fact that they were already under pressure to create an HR department which delivers tangible business benefits.

The changing face of e-Recruitment, HRIS, HR Software and Cloud Talent Management Software is seen in the ability of the software provider to deliver 'out of the box' instant gratification. Meaning that all the key elements of the system can be easily accessed and deployed. Not an easy thing to do, as there is quite a lot of change management involved if a system does not present limited steps in the roll-out. If there is too much complexity, the HR team will have no time to allocate to change management.

As a result of an HR Software system having hundreds and thousands of users at once, the products need to be easy to use. So that with minimal effort, HR and Managers to engage their people so that the products are enjoyable to use. By linking the roll-out to the mission and values of the business and engaging the Employees themselves during the announcement of the new system being launched, the uptake of the system will be optimised.

There are very few HR Software providers that have the knowledge and know how to deliver these benefits to a business, as most providers make their money from complexity and selling resources. The focus from the software provider really needs to be based on generating their core revenue from Subscriptions, through automating the change management process.

Cloud Talent management software comes to the fore for the reason that in using these tools as announcement and communication tools, this enables organisation comms related to mission, values and even implementation or system usage, to be easily spread around the business, and included in the performance review process.

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