The nature of Performance Management has changed significantly. The way in which Employees are motivated and retained is now about creating a more dynamic work environment which is connected using technology. HR Software Technology has evolved drastically over the past 5 years and Subscribe-HR is at the forefront of this transformation. CEO of Subscribe-HR, Mathew French comments that “Subscribe-HR has been pushing the boundaries of HRIS Software Tech. We have been rapid adopters and front line innovators since the inception of Subscribe-HR 6 years ago”. He adds, “Subscribe-HR has been a global leader of People Management Software and continues to drive innovation in this space”. This is an amazing feat for a company that competes against giants like Workday, SuccessFactors and CornerStone. This competition is based on creating a Platform as a Service which allows global businesses to set-up and deploy automation quickly and cost effectively.

Real-time learning is the next innovation that Subscribe-HR is focusing on. The way in which managers and Employees engage to establish learning targets, process these learning programs and include them in Performance Feedback is key to assisting customers build sustainable workforces.

LMS content and LMS systems are key here, though the way in which the LMS is used has to more agile. To be able to create and share content quickly, on-the-fly is how competitive advantage can be sustained. Linking this to Workflow tasks that can be triggered an managed using productivity bench marks is the core deliverable using HR Technology.

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