Subscribe-HR is focusing on allowing Developers to build APPs into the Subscribe-HR APPS Store. The Subscribe-HR Platform allows external developers to build their own APPS and deploy them into a store that can accessed by Subscribe-HR users. Subscribe-HR also deploys our own APPS into this APP Store starting with a Company Directory, List All Analysis and new Payroll Integrations.

The aim of the APPS store is to allow Subscribe-HR customers to pick and choose new functionality that they wish to use and opt into this functionality. Every business is different and therefore they need specific functionality to improve efficiency and productivity.

HR Software has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. Cloud HR Software has become mainstream and the ability to make changes to these cloud HR Software Applications has been made easier by leading vendors. The initial purpose of existing functionality is important as well as the ability to make changes to the system easily without having to use developers to code into the software.

Choice is key, and allowing businesses to pick and choose and create their own processes and functionality are such key elements to successfully implementing and utilise HR Software you need to make sure you are using a system that presents these options so you can automate your HR processes and become more productive and efficient.

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