No longer are e-Recruitment Software and HR Software system just clumps of code that just store static data. Over the past 8 years, Human Resources systems have changed dramatically. Even the payroll space has changed, people thought it would take a lot longer for Payroll and Finance to go on-line in a main stream manner. The freedom that this has created for business is truly inspiring.

Connecting people together is art of HR Software. Not only Employees, but business and people that are not currently working for the business. In the next 5 to 10 Years, we will see a much more dominant itinerant workforce. Allow business to leverage these workforces is going to be key to the success of Software providers and will allow business to main competitive advantage. Linking Applicant (the public) to loyalty programs which are embedded into the HR Arena, is where the next generation of Software sits. Leveraging e-Recruitment Software to allow people to perform tasks through crowd sourcing.

Linking local business to offices and providing rewards to employees through rules specific to the business. Rules that are no known by the Employees so that they behaviour is intrinsic. Performance Management will be a daily and weekly and monthly process which is tracked through algorithms. Applicants applying for Jobs, with the people already linkedin to the business through their behaviour, through referrals and applications through next generation e-Recruitment and HR Software.

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