Right from the time you are hiring people using your cutting edge next generation e-Recruitment system, there needs to be method behind it. Hiring based on Skills, Goals, Behaviors and Values is the best way to create a balanced work environment. If this is not done, you will be continuing to try and put square pegs in round wholes and that is just unsustainable for everyone and is not fair on people. It is really the responsibility of the business to work out what their Mission, Culture, Values and Behaviors and allow your people to demonstrate these each day. Hiring people who have the same types of mind-sets and values is key in the hiring process. No matter what they are, like for like is key. As a result of getting this right, it should be seen in overall sustainable balance in the business.

When you hire people, it is such a value add to have existing Talent Cubes of People, that match Skills, Values and Behaviors of your business. That way, you can communicate with people based on these matches. Then when they are hired, the performance review process or feedback system, is there for people to exhibit how they are contributing to the themselves through the business. E-Recruitment Software really needs to be seen as a People Matching system like a match making service. A system that identifies the right people for the right job at the right time. When you link this with HRIS Software that also automates Hiring Processes and reduce administration time for HR and Finance as well as reducing risk through on-boarding tasks such as automatic Tax Dec and Super Choices sign-off, a powerful system can support the business making the lives of the people better.

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