Real SaaS provides business with many different benefits. It also makes it easier for HR Managers to utilise the tools they need to perform their role efficiently and effectively. Real Software-as-a-Service applications do not require additional servers to run on. They reside the state of the art data centres. They do not require installation of client server database and code. They are accessed using an internet connection and web browser. They do not need to be configured on the Server in the data centre. A standard version of the application can be accessed instantly by obtaining a free trial. True saas uses the same code base each time a System is delivered. Even if there are customisations and configurations that same code base will be utilised. All clients of true saas providers are on the same version of the application. There are no version control issues to have to deal with. Integration is easy with real saas application. There are turn-key API tools to enable rapid, seamless integration including sending specific data and single sign-on. The footprint of SaaS application on the business is minimal. They are a more environmentally friendly option that on-premise applications because they share resource.

e-Recruitment Software and HRIS Software delivered in the SaaS model (HR Cloud Computing), drastically, reduce the amount of money required to access and set-up HR tools that can help People Lovers, manage people. Set-up costs can be reduced by up to 40%, implementation times are also reduced by up to 40% and therefore, the return on investment achieved is far more rapid. E-Recruitment Software, delivered using a true saas model, will enable end users to change applicant processing workflows easily and effectively. They will improve the user experience of an Applicant by testing and revamping, quickly, the way in which an applicant applies for a vacancy using the Jobs Board. Because of the improved management of applicants, the businesses brand is also enhanced as these applicants are dealt with in a professional timely manner.

Software as a Service is really about providing as much transparency as possible. From posting of pricing in a public domain, letting purchasers try the system out for free for a period of time and allow for large amounts of the system to be configured, not customised.

Software-as-a-Service is now the preferred delivery option for HR Managers and more and more HR Professionals are learning about how HR Software, delivered as a Service, can benefit their business.

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