There has been quite a lot of acquisition activity in the recent months with the Enterprise, Cloud based, HR Software providers being snapped up by big blue-chip Global Software companies like Oracle, SAP and IBM. The Human Capital Software arena is a hot one, will the Likes of Oracle, SAP and IBM buying into one of the hottest spaces in On-Demand Computing. They all wanted their own HR Cloud- Cloud-Based HR Software offering. Oracle, purchased Taleo, SAP purchased Successfactors, and IBM purchased Kenexa. All providers of e-Recruitment Software, Talent Management Software and or HRIS Software. Another acquisition which may have gone unnoticed to most, was the Cornerstone purchase of Sonar6, who provide Talent Management Software. The reason why Human Capital Software Providers are so attractive to the likes of SAP, Oracle and IBM, is that the Subscription model works really when it comes to pricing based on the number of employees in a business. There is also pressure on HR department to provide mobilization tools and strategies for their businesses considering globalisation and the focus on outsourcing and cost cutting.

Another interesting global player, who is yet to make an acquisition in the Human Capital Software space, is Microsoft. With their recent purchase on Yammer, it is thought that Microsoft will be the next of the Global Software Giants to step into the Cloud HR Computing space. This type of acquisition would fit extremely well with their Yammer technology as both Social Enterprise and Human Capital Software are both Employee Centric.

It is also thought that Salesforce and Workday will be looking to further strengthen their alliance, with Workday leveraging the Salesforce Enterprise Social Networking Tool, Chatter. Many industry analysts believe that Salesforce could make a play for Workday, who are leading the way in Global SaaS based Financial and Human Capital Software as a Service.

If you are interest in or have a need for HRIS Software, E-Recruitment Software, or generally, HR Software, watch this space, as there is a lot of action to play out over the coming 12 Months which will guide purchasing decisions. Managing Talented Employees is critical to the success of all businesses and great Talent Management Software is Hot Property.

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