e-Recruitment software is probably one of the simpler systems to put in place when it comes to the HRIS landscape. The landscape comprising e-Recruitment, Training and e-Learning, HR Software, Payroll, Salary Packaging and Psych Testing Systems.

The reason for this is usually based around data and information capture. In the e-Recruitment environment, companies usually have limited amount of older data to get into the system. As well as this, information processing is usually based on flow in and out. Flow in data is sorted based on questionnaires and other qualifying capabilities, to enable users to intelligently analyse information. E-Recruitment systems usually include external people, Core-HR users and some management.

e-Learning software involves a lot of Content Set-up which can take time and be quite costly.

Payroll systems require large amounts of data to be imported and balancing to be done. Award interpretation can also be difficult to manage and usually requires another T&A system for success.

HR Software can require data upload and many workflow processes to be initiated within the business. There workflows can be require for many different, separate tasks that incorporate the whole business.

Salary Packing systems require integration with Payroll and choices around employee selection options. Managing changes and calculations.

Psych Testing system usually require a qualified psychologist to provide meaning to the feedback gathered from Applicants following submission of the test.

Really, all businesses can benefit from e-Recruitment Software systems, that allow them to find the best Talent quickly, by opening up new and traditional avenues for Talent Management. The better at gathering and managing Talent based information, the more competitive they become in the future when it comes to getting the best ahead of the competition. This dove tails into branding and communications which goes hand in hand with marketing strategy. After all, all businesses market to their prospects, why not market to those that you want working for you.

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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