Enterprise e-Recruitment Software has been notoriously difficult and expensive to set-up. Enterprise software is usually very funtionally granular, and as a result takes a lot of time and money to get a ROI. Cloud based e-Recruitment Software now allows for end user configuration, with all the bells and whistles. Mobile responsviness is key to allow applicants to apply for vacancies using their mobile device. Also, there are significant differences netween internal HR Department recruitment systems in comparison to Agency Recruitment Software. Recruitment Agencies tend to want volumes, to build their books, whereas a HR Department in a Mid Sized enterprise is looking for Fast Quality Candidates.

Some of the Key Functionality of the Subscribe-HR e-Recruitment Software and Jobs Board App are:

1. Mobile Responsiveness

2. Auto Interview Scheduling

3. Auto Contract Sign-Off

4. Auto Background Checking

5. Configurable Recruitment Workflows

6. Social Media Job Sharing for Referral Rewards

7. Facebook App

8. Talent Pools that build themselves Automatically

9. Expression of Interest

10. Job Alerts

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