Your e-Recruitment Software and HRIS Software???

An important part of success HR and Recruitment data management is to ensure that information captured in the recruitment process can easily be shared with a HRIS Software system.

This can present a difficult situation for businesses as the gap between e-Recruitment and HRIS can be hard to bridge. Either, the e-Recruitment Software will need to cater for on-boarding and sophisticated data import or the HRIS software will need to manage this. This can be very costly and cumbersome if the systems are not flexible enough to cater for this requirement.

Subscribe-HR is a two-in-one HR Software, e-Recruitment software system, that allows businesses to manage their entire process from hire to retire. Job sites can be communicated with from Subscribe-HR, allowing businesses to upload into Job Boards like Seek, ADZUNA and CareerOne. Applicants can seamlessly click apply in these Jobs Boards and start the on-boarding process, whereby filtering of the Applicant occurs based on attributes and questionnaire responses. The whole way through the recruitment process, Subscribe-HR keeps applicants informed dealing with them in a considered professional manner.

When you have found the most appropriate candidate/s, Subscribe-HR will on-board the Applicant and process them into Employees, managing the on-boarding process and Contract Sign-off process. All applicant details are automatically captured in the Core-HR system, and Self-Service access accounts and launched. Payroll information can then be sent out to Payroll Software like CHRIS21, Micropay, Axapta, Attache and Payglobal.

You may like to consider how much time this would save your HR team. How much more efficient the HR Department can become. This is a powerful conversation to be having as executive level.

Source: Subscribe-HR Blog

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