e-Recruitment Software, which Subscribe-HR calls Talent Sourcing systems are really People Marketing Systems which allow the business to deliver branded people communication and engagement with a the purpose of getting people to want to work within the business as well as producing sustainability knowledge to the public.

People are much more likely to want to work with and stay with a company they can relate too. A company that has the same values as their people. For some businesses, this is more challenging than others. Businesses that operate in more popular industries have less challenge with sourcing people. Though, like most things, there are two side, because these business need to be even better at keeping these people, by using innovative engagement programs. Build it and they will come.

Though you still have to know your reason for being and be able to communicate this effectively as the starting point. Effective People sourcing systems (AKA e-Recruitment Software) are build using leading edge technology, though are much more powerful when they underpin copyright information which can convey the IP of the business to the public in a language that makes them want to use the product or service and also, motivates them to want to work for the business if there is an opportunity. HR and Marketing go hand in hand. Without People, the product or service does not exists.

The people, in order to make the company effective, need to believe in the product and also the business. The people that do this believe in something bigger than a Job and thus, make the product or service (Company) successful as a bi-product of this fusion. There are experts out there than can help with fusing the business with people for example, Chris Walker @CW_Innerwealth .

The Subscribe-HR technology allows you to use specific types of business engagement methodologies to achieve more sustainable outcomes and success. By sourcing and finding people based on Values based scoring, reducing the amount of time spent on spent of HR processes through automation, organisations can start creating IP and bottom line success. Loyalty is going to be such a valuable attraction tool, that those businesses that don’t create this will be at the mercy of what we call “Social Disengagement” AKA Job Hopping. LinkedIn now means that any person who is not engaged, will be tempted into going elsewhere. This is not a bad thing for at the border of support and challenge exists the right type of innovative environment which can lead to a healthy working environment. The same model that exists to find people, will need to be rolled- through the business to People Performance. The old model of Annual or Bi-Annual Performance Reviews are quickly running into a dead end. There is no people doing something without an effective benefit.

The performance review process is in the cross-hairs of an innovative experimentation cycle. There are many different opinions on what the most effective model is… though the Subscribe-HR opinion is based on a hybrid between the old and the new. A flatter structure which can provide real-time feedback which can be linked through to Objective and Values. It is the Subscribe-HR opinion that this model will provide a more reliable method of rewarding people. You must have the right people in the business to start with for any of these model to work. Without this type of feedback system, it is very difficult to be able to make a decision about whether to deputise a person or to let them find something that is a better fit for them. Key elements of engagement: Define Business Values and Link Objectives. Define People Engagement Method and Establish Nature Working Environment. Streamline Business Processes around Measurement Feedback, People Performance system. Feed, Review and Iterate.

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